Due to my very small appearence in the house today, one of our newest familia members took the liberty of writing the update today, so  thank you to Queenie, and here we go:

This Valentines day started like any other day until discussion broke out about whether or not Clara had a power. Nic could have easily looked into her mind but instead, Queenie decided to test her newly discovered ability to find out for her. When the two shook hands, Queenie's hand underwent internal flammation. Much similar to the feeling of being "changed". So the verdict stands that our first werewolf in the mafia has the ability to burn vampires upon contact, a defense mechanism that will prove to be quite useful in the future. Things began to take a turn for a greater worse when Queenie accidently touched Ronnie (though she was still wearing her laced gloves) causing Queenie to jump uncontrollably and experience an overload of emotions. Meanwhile, Nic decided to pay a visit to the Cullens, where her and Edward had a confrontation about their relationship which ultimately ended with Edward kissing her and Nic bursting into tears as Queenie highjacked a red corvette in order to take her home. (With the help of Ronnie) In attempts to cheer Nic up, the mafia mansion threw a party, which resulted in a very intoxicated Nic when Queenie offered her a bottle of Rum from the Irish vamps. Confrontations with Edward didn't stop there, the Cullens paid an unexpected visit to the mafia house. Nic and Edward spoke once more and Nic finally put her foot down, concluding a chapter in her life. Perhaps the most shocking news must have been Chaos growing attachment to new member, Clara. Chaos, who's best known for her reluctance in sharing her floor offered her a place to stay as her roommate. Shocking us all! Sab and Frankie were MIA most of the day aside from their occassional trips to the kitchen in rather revealing
outfits...nevertheless. Happy Valentines' Day, familia!


And now for my comments:
- Holy h**l! Chaos has a roomate?!
- Nic, drinking should be left to the pros (i.e. me)
- Those lacey boy shorts Frankie was wearing earlier were, for the record, actually his and not mine. He has weird taste in underwear.
- I did not in fact get in a fight with Rosalie when she was at the house with the Cullens, I think I deserve an evil cookie.


Da familia's newest memeber has informed us of her power, she can steal peoples gifts like Ronnie, but she can only keep one at a time (sorta like Peter on Heros). Nic and Chaos called a truce, and then left to visit Edward, along with Ronnie and Alesio. Then the worst ever news arose, my creator and former mate, Max, found me. His power is unrivaled and dangerous. While I was distracting him, he figured out our plan, and kidnapped me, resulting in a car chase followed by a battle in a helicopter, which resulted in a firey crash in which he died. We also have a new member, Clara "Al Capone" Romano, Aly for short (or Clarapwn), she's not like the rest of us, she's a werewolf, who doesn't stink surprisingly. From Max's army of newborns, we decided to keep one that we have dubbed "Tutti Jenkins" shoved in a maids dress (which Frankie will miss) and have made him our maid, bout time we got one of them.

More tommorrow,


At the start of thread #9, we have gotten a new member, say hello to Queenie! Chaos quickly got into it with her because she wanted a room on the 8th floor, so I smacked Chaos. She hasn't learned. Remember, people NOBODY GETS THEIR OWN FLOOR, not even the bosses, they share with each other and Spencer. Later on a improptue karaoke of "Let It Rock" overcame a large part of da familia. For some reason the "shadows" were still running amuck in the house earlier, and broke Queenie's piano, ripped up Rita's JB posters, and I'm assuming they are responsible for the defacing of my JB Rolling Stone cover poster, for which somebody will pay dearly, before Ronnie disposed of them (THANK YOU!). Lidia has installed high-tech cameras to watch EVERYWHERE in the house, which is very creepy, I hope they aren't in my room... And to wrap things up we are on the beginning of a manhunt for a smoothie maker for Maria. More later.

One last thing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSA!


Here's a more indepth view into today, complements of Ronnie:
So, today we had a new member join our lovely familia, Queenie Delrosa. Queenie staked claim on the eighth floor, and just as she moved all her stuff there, Chaos showed up and got all territorial - STILL claiming she needed the whole floor after Lidia said otherwise - so Ronnie and Val have opened up the tenth and fifth floor to her. Its Rosa's birthday, so Neo and Chase made some celebratory cake and ice cream. The 'shadows' were their idiotic selves, and flung Queenie's antique piano out the window, as well as destroying lovely Jonas Brothers posters that belonged to Med, Rita, and me. This pissed off the normally even tempered Medea and Ronnie, so Ronnie killed them, burned them, and jumped the ashes to Singapore, 'bout time. BTW: Ronnie says your welcome. Chaos and Nic got in a fight, no surprise there, because those stupid shadows threw out Nic's samurai swords and a piano that was a gift from her ex-who-shall-not-be-named. Chaos invited Crispian, creator of the shadows over, despite the then-in-charge Ronnie telling her not to, as we know people are still mad at the shadows for destroying everyone's stuff. Maria's manhunt got postponed, again. And she's starting to think she's not meant for a human. Don't lose hope, Maria! Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSA!


Due to us blowing through the 8th thread of the mafia, while we wait for our new thread to be constructed, we have resigned ourselves to our beautiful Canadian retreat, which Frankie and Spencer had left pink from their whipped cream fight, so Lidia was left repainting it back to its original purple. Soon after we were gifted with a 9th thread by the wonderful December, so we have moved on from our retreat to reek havoc there.



So, this didn't really happen in the mafia, but it's a mafia MOMENT so I'm putting it here anyways: late Saturday night I was hungry and bored so I decided to walk down the street to my local Dunkin Donuts, and when I do there is a really cute emo guy behind the counter who's nametag said "Frankie" so I laughed like a loon and he now thinks I'm an insane stoner since I was buying doughnuts at 11pm on a Saturday and laughing like an idiot, explaining why I was laughing didn't help things, either.

Now onto mafia news, Neo was found by some "Shadows" Chaos brought in, but not before they broke many things (*ahem* My Holy Grail) and they are still here breaking things. Frankie, as it would turn out, is afraid of shadows, not very shocking. So he was wrapped in tinfoil and given a flashlight to protect himself (not that they would help, but shhh! Don't tell him that!). Also, Rita's back! *does happy dance* I missed her so! And somehow the Jonas Brothers have ended up in her room (don't look at me, I have NO idea!).

More tommorrow (hopefully, maybe not, I'm home sick)


Slow start in the mansion today, but it quickly picked-up with the arrival of Frankie and Spencer. It would appear that Frankie felt the need to paint Spencer's nails pink while he was asleep, which resulted in Spencer waking Frankie by spraying him with silly string, and then escalated when Rosa supplyed them with colorful whipped cream. Long story short, Frankie ran, Spencer chased him to Canadialand, Frankie hid like a baby behind some icecream tub, Spencer found him and released a can of pink whipped cream on Frankie, which has dyed him pink, so he totally clashes with our room. Cue the eye roll. Whatever would we do without them for entertainment?

-A.L. Sabina


Rea is gone. Many a real tear have been cried today and this shall go down as the saddest day in Mafia history. We are all wallowing in emo-ness, wearing our emo best (lots of studs and eyeliner) eating emo cookies and drinking emo juice boxes.

It would appear Neo is missing, probably in my closet on the 7th floor someplace trapped. And there has been a snag with OD, somehow the Southern vamps found out about it and are planning for war, which the Southerns will never win, they are far to undisiplined (trust me, I know). We finally figured out what made Nic go crazy on Chaos a few days ago, turns out Chaos had been with Edward after Nic was, which of course didn't go over well with Nic at all. Rea also discussed her history, which is far too long for me to put here, but I will be posting it on her page soon. OD is moving on to Chilie tommorow, so pack up your bags and be ready. As part of Rea's good-bye party, I allowed her to push the button to blow up Singapore.

More Later


To start off, here is Rea's new blog for while she is on hiatus: http://readimarco.blogspot.com   

Now, everybody was battling it out today, Lidia, Chaos and Ab were all showing off their sword fighting skills (in the end Chaos beat Ab and Lidia beat Chaos) & Alesio and myself had a little drift race, I of course pwned all. Frankie forced Chase (the new ice cream boy) into too tight skinny jeans, and Lidia did that  scary "poof" thing she does. Twice. Fluffy was attempting to build a tunnel of sorts in Chaos' room, he claims it's for vents, but he's also a filthy little liar, so we will not be believing him. We have a n00b, of who I do not know, I don't have her name or info yet, so we'll see. It would appear that Gabby is friends with her, that's all I know at the moment.

More to come,
A.L. Sabina

P.S. Don't forget to please vote for my dog! Use all the email addresses you have! If he gets into the finals and wins I get $10,000, which would be a great start to my car fund! VOTE YOYO!


Well, Chaos blew up the Cyrus' estate, boo-hoo, I'm so broken up (cha-yea, right). Nic and Chaos are now fighting because Chaos wants to blow up the Volturi, which she better not or she's gonna be in BIG trouble, and they are taking it way too far. Lidia has told Chaos to cut out the drama because it's getting on everyone's nerves, and we'll see if she listens. Rea is starting a blog to keep us updated with her while she is on hiatus from the lex, as soon as I get the address I will post it. Chase, the new ice cream boy who belongs to Alesio, has finally awoken. I don't think Ab likes him very much. More later. (Nic, if you let me know what you want me to add to the blog I'd be happy to)

-A.L. Sabina

P.S. One of my dogs is in a contest, so I'm going to shamelessly vote grub, please go vote for him
Please, please, please! And get other people to vote for him, too!


Well, it's buh-bye Canada, helllo thread #8! And we're kicking thing off with a party in celebration of Ab's birthday! We also have a new famliy member, Marta something-or-other (sorry, I forgot!). I'm no longer purple thanks to Medea (finally) giving me something to fix it, Rosa made a confetti bomb that covered the entire estate with confetti, and we ate a giant Yan shaped cake for Ab's birthday. We are also planning another man hunting expedition for tommorrow, can't recall for who though...

-A.L. Sabina