Rea is gone. Many a real tear have been cried today and this shall go down as the saddest day in Mafia history. We are all wallowing in emo-ness, wearing our emo best (lots of studs and eyeliner) eating emo cookies and drinking emo juice boxes.

It would appear Neo is missing, probably in my closet on the 7th floor someplace trapped. And there has been a snag with OD, somehow the Southern vamps found out about it and are planning for war, which the Southerns will never win, they are far to undisiplined (trust me, I know). We finally figured out what made Nic go crazy on Chaos a few days ago, turns out Chaos had been with Edward after Nic was, which of course didn't go over well with Nic at all. Rea also discussed her history, which is far too long for me to put here, but I will be posting it on her page soon. OD is moving on to Chilie tommorow, so pack up your bags and be ready. As part of Rea's good-bye party, I allowed her to push the button to blow up Singapore.

More Later


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