To start off, here is Rea's new blog for while she is on hiatus:   

Now, everybody was battling it out today, Lidia, Chaos and Ab were all showing off their sword fighting skills (in the end Chaos beat Ab and Lidia beat Chaos) & Alesio and myself had a little drift race, I of course pwned all. Frankie forced Chase (the new ice cream boy) into too tight skinny jeans, and Lidia did that  scary "poof" thing she does. Twice. Fluffy was attempting to build a tunnel of sorts in Chaos' room, he claims it's for vents, but he's also a filthy little liar, so we will not be believing him. We have a n00b, of who I do not know, I don't have her name or info yet, so we'll see. It would appear that Gabby is friends with her, that's all I know at the moment.

More to come,
A.L. Sabina

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