Cue the wedding bells, today was officially one the first wedding ceremonies in the course of Mafia history...and it was our very own, Nicolette, who tied the knot with her human, Aaron. Most of the day was spent getting ready for the wedding or in others' view, hiding from it as 6 o clock pm grew nearer. When the couples finally said their vows, the bouquet was thrown and guess who caught it? (Eyes shining brightly)
Taking a break from happily ever afters to deal with the more painful issues going on. Two of the mafia's regulars are currently experiencing difficulties of their own. One, being Chaos, who has just recently regained her "true self" and has had some trouble getting back to her vampire figure as she is in wolf form 80% of the time (not to mention the nightmares!) and the second being myself, who accidentally killed an ex convict by the name, Lady Melody, causing my body to go through a painful series of genetic mutation (aka black everything!) and mood swings. On the bright side, the process for Queenie is nearly complete.

Sab owned a group of 12 year olds today when they didn't shut up in the movie theatres, but that's a different story (pg. 198, thread 10) .

Lastly, we have yet another member by the name of Elisa Russo. Not much is known about whether or not she has a power. (My fingers are crossed for a no but I'm pretty biased in saying so. ) but welcome to the family, Elisa!


 To start off the 25th, Chaos got her soul back somehow, it was probably violent. Cos was beat several times with the Grammar Stick of Doom. Queenie is having power issues, for a full explanation see page 160 on thread 10. And the familia is gearing up for a trip to Voodoo Donuts. Nic's wedding is Friday at 6pm (est. time). Multiple people were turned into bunnies, then back to normal, than to wolves, and back again. People need to control their urges better, I mean where would we be if we didn't control our urges? We'd be without Finland, that's where. More to come.



Kicking off the day Gio, our new 6'2" Italian twi-guy, was walking around in nothing but a towel and paint smears. Nobody in da familia minded. Chaos and Arina  were bouncing off the walls from a Nerd induced sugar high. And Crispian has emerged from his emo hole (aka under his desk) and joined da familia.Many familia members were turned into adorable bunnies, thankfully we were turned back shortly after. Frankie and myself made up (finally) and Queenie is having power troubles, which I shall try to explain more in a later post.


P.S. For my debute on the TV-EEEE, click


Queenie again (from Sunday):

Today kicked off with some more planning for Nic and Aaron's wedding to come. (Which I apologize for not being able to post all the pretty dresses suggested ) The wedding is said to be in the works for this Saturday but we'll see how it goes as the week and planning progresses.
And what would a wedding be without the bachelorette/bachelor party? With plenty of drinks and strippers, Nic's bachelorette party was certainly interesting. (Not to mention the little prank some of the girls decided to pull on the guys) The prank consisted of Queenie, Aly, Rosa and Lidia who worked out a scenario where Aly attempted to steal Lidia's frosting which resulted in a rumble where Aly shed some blood...but don't worry, it was all food coloring! Of course the boys didn't know that and were shocked when they saw a blood crazed Queenie attack both Aly and Rosa (who's arm went missing!)
Apparently Aaron's proposal seemed to inspire fellow gentlemen, Blake and Neo, mates of Rosa and Chaos as the couples discussed their future marriages. (When I say discuss, I mean Blake-proposing-to-Rosa-in-a-beautiful-landscape kind of discussion ) so congratulations to the both of you! Chaos, you seem to be safe from receiving a ring..at least for now as beau Neo puts it


The plans for Nic's wedding (scheduled for next week) are in full swing, with the venue, ring, dresses and invites already picked out. She has announced that we are all her bridesmaids, which has brought up some issues with everyone wearing the same dress. There is still a conflict going on with a wolf pack, but that's all I know, if somebody more inmvolved feels the urge to explain it to me, feel free.  Queenie and Ab are going on a date (oo-er) and we are going to wait to see how that goes. We managed to reach 100 pages today, so we left to invade Canada (woo-hoo!) and when we got back instead of a new thread the mods gifted us the right to keep the mafia going for 200pages each thread instead of 100pages like all the other threads. Frankie is sulking about for some reason, I have no idea why, wish I did though.



Queenie continues to fill in:

With so many series of events today, where to begin? Perhaps no news was as exciting as the brief return of beloved Mafia member, Rea. (who stated that she will be visiting until Sunday) You may have recalled her Vampenguin nearly being eaten by Queenie's death adder a few days earlier. Unfortunately, Rea could not stay too long and after a few posts was off for the day, casting a stormy gray cloud over all who highly anticipated catching up with her, but not before lending her flying ability to fellow vampire Queenie. The Familia then proceeded to throw an Emo party, mourning Rea's sudden departure.
Chaos and Monica, meanwhile, were dealing with problems of their own--wolf problems to be more specific, which left several of their beloved pack members injured from battle. Negotiations with the opposing pack are being made as we speak and we only hope that the Alphas come to a peace treaty.
On a happier note, Nic had announced earlier that Aaron proposed to her (right after finding out that we were vampires and werewolf, mind you) and she is now one of the first bachelorettes in the Familia. (I wonder who the bride maids will be )
Also, another male vampire has joined the Mafia. (What, is that 4 guy vamps in the house now?) He goes by the name of Giovanni Bonmarito and check this out, ladies. He's a painter! (who can also do telekenesis on the side) We wish the warmest welcomes to our new Familia member. Welcome to the family!

Now for some news on the Live-Action Frankie front (if you don't get it check out the blog post from 2/9), from me, Sabina!

I decided I needed a donut, so I tarted myself up and walked down the street to get one, and of course L.A.Frankie was there, turns out he thinks my loonyness if vair funny, he gave me a donut "on the house" and I shamelessly flirted with him, it was quite fun and I think I'm in LUUUURVE, then my mom had to go and ruin it by calling me to get my butt home because I didn't "technically" get "permission" to go out and get a dount, blah-blah, who cares?

For the full story full of hiliariousity check out pg 90 on thread 10.


It seems that Valentine ’s Day is just a tad bit late as members of the Familia seem to have been bitten by the Love bug. What with Aly and her hybrid Josh, Nic and her human Aaron, Maria with also human Nixon and even Gabby and her blind date Rhys! Puppy love seems to be all over the mansion. (Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you older couples, *cough*Frankie and Sab*cough*) After an unsuccessful first date with Aaron’s twin brother, it seems that there is a more apparent reason to why Queenie isn’t all too keen about dating just yet. Word on the street is that she may have a little something for one of the Familia, but that’s all we’re going to touch on.
In other news, Queenie managed to “find” a shiny lamp in Sri Lanka while visiting that just so happened to contain a Djini named Loudes! This occurring around the same time, Sab and Frankie’s pants mysteriously went missing. The Familia used their first wish to find the missing articles of clothing and the culprit behind it, which happened to be a chinchilla by the name of Fluffy. (Who was in fact an imposter as he claimed to be an evil French Werechinchilla!)
On the flip side, Chaos has finally convinced her long time friend, Crispian to join the mafia and we are awaiting his arrival. (So be on the lookout for an orange cat, lot!) Not to mention the fact that Aly’s beau, Josh has decided to give his vampiric side a chance and went hunting earlier this afternoon. (I suppose living in a mansion full of vampires does do those things to you…) As far as pet companions go, rumor has it that Ari (Rosa’s dragon) might actually be Yan’s (Ab’s dragon) sister! Talk about a chain of events. We end this Mafia recap by wishing our dearest friend Alice a Happy Birthday. So this is for you, dear Alice.  Have a good one!


 Due to a lot of stuff going on right now, Queenie will be taking over as blog writer until Monday. Here's her take:

Miraculously, the Mafia thread has slowed down quite a bit since the enforcement of the Doom stick, which is good thing for the poor members who have been trying to catch up with what’s going on. Not a day after Cosimo’s arrival at the mansion, the Familia acquired yet another addition to their clan, this time a girl vampire by the name of Arina Moonshine. (Who’s powers slipped by the eyes of Queenie who mistaken her for being powerless when she did not feel anything as the two touched hands.) It was later revealed by Nic that Arina had the power to control the outcomes of the future. (So don’t mess with her unless you want to end up a homeless bum who lives in a box when you grow up!)
As far as agenda plans of each familia, Aly and Josh were M.I.A for the day as they spend it at the beach in San Diego. Nic went on another date with Aaron and Queenie found herself extremely giddy after injecting a little too much blood. (Which later resulted in her passing out on the fridge when she got drunk off of some Irish Rum that had mixed together with the blood she took in.) Chaos, mean while, was in the midst of convincing her long time friend, Crispian to come to stay at the mansion.
Around the same time when Nic decided to put Queenie on her first blind date with her beau, Aaron’s twin brother, Sab announced that she was going to be on the television! “I'm going to be on tv because a hairdresser where I live needed some people to model and answer some questions for a story being done on her and she asked me to do it out of the blue this morning. It'll be on Monday, but I think only in North Texas, and then they will put it on their website which I shall promptly show to all of you.” She proclaimed eagerly on the 53rd page of the Mafia X thread. So stay tune, Familia, and make sure to flick on CW come Monday.


Once again Queenie is filling in a blog writer today. Sorry about slacking off on ze blog lately everyone, my dad's been using our computer to do peoples taxes (he a CPA) and I've had to litterally beg my sister to use hers, now enough of my rambling, on with ze recap:

This morning kicked off with another addition to the mafia by Cosimo, one of the few male vampires to have ever joined the familia. Of course, Queenie felt the need to figure out his power for herself which resulted in her disappearance (literally) due to the fact that Cosimo has the ability to turn invisible. After a bit of sniffing from werewolf, Clara, she was found and gave her power back to him. Things continued to heat up between Aly and her new imprinted beau, Josh, as the girls (Aly, Sheila, Nic , Ronnie, Chaos) along with Neo headed to the carnival to meet him. Things were going great until the familia accidentally bumped into Edward Cullen, causing Nic to choose between her feelings for Edward and what was best for her. Because of weather complications that would have led Clara to smell like a wet dog, she invited Josh over to the mafia mansion, marking the first invitation in history without the human having to be unconscious. However, Ronnie, Sheila and Queenie decided to go back to the carnival to bug the crap out of Edward and give him a piece of their mind for hurting Nic.
After a hearty dinner from the amazing cook, Neo, Josh felt a little drowsy and the girls encouraged Aly to invite him to spend the night. (Of course this was ruined when Queenie panicked and cast a spell on him that made him fall asleep anyway) In the end, Josh did end up spending the night for a movie but was probably watching Aly more than the screen with the outfit that Sheila had provided for her. The infamous Ab returned, taking Chaos and Queenie with him shortly after his appearance to go hunt with Yan and their various other pets in a nearby forest. Now, the girls are considering going on another manhunt, although it is suggested that they wait to see how the “boss” feels about this, as they already have 3 humans in the mafia already.

And finally, beware of Sab’s doomstick if you don’t post 2 full length statements in the thread, you will get hit and it will hurt. *rubs head*


One of Chaos’ vampwolves has given birth, again, so there are 9 puppies up for grabs. George, Rea’s vampenguin, dropped by for a visit, and Queenie’s snake tried to eat him. Vurk’s back (oh joy) and he brought an exceptionally stupid robot back with him (see pg.79), in his absence he took over Baja California in Mexico, it’s now Baja Vurktodia. It would also appear that we weren’t torturing the real Haley, she was a clone; the real one has been eaten by Jimmy. Chaos, Ronnie, Queenie & myself are off shopping with Alice at some couture place in Seattle, and Chaos stole a piano for some reason, along with a touch screen tv and somebody stole Nick Jonas (you're all in big trouble for that). Monica reappeared after being gone for 7 threads. Nick Jonas is safe, and will be returned to Hollywoodland soon, I'll make sure of it. Aly has a date tonight with some guy she met at the dog park & Maria, Chaos, Aly, Queenie, Ronnie, Alesio & myself were off manhunting for Maria. When we first got there we though we had spotted a target in a car, so I had him hit me with it, somehow he ended up getting injured (I wonder why...) and then in the Yogen-Place we found a cute human named Nixon, so to distract the humans while Chaos knocked him out, Ronnie started shouting about pixies, and I did an improptue pole dance on the counter, which resulted in an old perv grabbing my butt and me tackling and beating the crap outta him. Now everyone is safely back at the retreat (did I mention we finished the 9th thread? Well we did.) waiting for the smoothie boy to awaken.



Well, Queenie has seen fit to give a more indepth update due to my being elsewhere, so in her own words, Queenie everyone:

This February 15th, the familia woke up from the intoxicating night before, only to find Queenie's pet snake, Nagini attempting to eat poor George, the vampenguin. After several attempts to pry Nagini off, Ronnie was finally able to split the two apart. The girls decided to finished their unfinished shopping business with Alice, which led up to a crazy car chase as Ronnie and Queenie tried to escape a suspicious cop, with Ronnie at the wheel. Chaos joined a bit later on, keeping a watchful eye on Queenie as they stole a piano for Queenie, a new touch screen for Sheila and...Nick Jonas? This all happening as Sab decided to head off to the shoe department. In Queenie's excitement to get home, Nick accidently had his arm cut, sending her into a newborn frenzy when she tried to help him, only to inhale the scent of his blood instead. It took 3 other vampires and a werewolf to calm her down before the others were finally able to get the Jonas to safety and take off to the dog park to hunt for men, and not in the feeding sense, believe it or not!  Not to mention the return of an old mafia member, Monica, as she makes her first appearance in quite a long time. Bringing along her fellow robot friend. At the dog park, it seemed that Aly had found her true love, or in her case, perfect imprintment when she claimed to have imprinted on Josh who coincidentally looks a hell of a lot like Jacob Black...we wish the two the best of luck on their date tonight. In conclusion, the mafia will probably have to relocate to Cananada once more as the thread reaches its maximum 100. PS. We're still amazed at how Chaos has a roommate.