At the start of thread #9, we have gotten a new member, say hello to Queenie! Chaos quickly got into it with her because she wanted a room on the 8th floor, so I smacked Chaos. She hasn't learned. Remember, people NOBODY GETS THEIR OWN FLOOR, not even the bosses, they share with each other and Spencer. Later on a improptue karaoke of "Let It Rock" overcame a large part of da familia. For some reason the "shadows" were still running amuck in the house earlier, and broke Queenie's piano, ripped up Rita's JB posters, and I'm assuming they are responsible for the defacing of my JB Rolling Stone cover poster, for which somebody will pay dearly, before Ronnie disposed of them (THANK YOU!). Lidia has installed high-tech cameras to watch EVERYWHERE in the house, which is very creepy, I hope they aren't in my room... And to wrap things up we are on the beginning of a manhunt for a smoothie maker for Maria. More later.

One last thing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSA!


Here's a more indepth view into today, complements of Ronnie:
So, today we had a new member join our lovely familia, Queenie Delrosa. Queenie staked claim on the eighth floor, and just as she moved all her stuff there, Chaos showed up and got all territorial - STILL claiming she needed the whole floor after Lidia said otherwise - so Ronnie and Val have opened up the tenth and fifth floor to her. Its Rosa's birthday, so Neo and Chase made some celebratory cake and ice cream. The 'shadows' were their idiotic selves, and flung Queenie's antique piano out the window, as well as destroying lovely Jonas Brothers posters that belonged to Med, Rita, and me. This pissed off the normally even tempered Medea and Ronnie, so Ronnie killed them, burned them, and jumped the ashes to Singapore, 'bout time. BTW: Ronnie says your welcome. Chaos and Nic got in a fight, no surprise there, because those stupid shadows threw out Nic's samurai swords and a piano that was a gift from her ex-who-shall-not-be-named. Chaos invited Crispian, creator of the shadows over, despite the then-in-charge Ronnie telling her not to, as we know people are still mad at the shadows for destroying everyone's stuff. Maria's manhunt got postponed, again. And she's starting to think she's not meant for a human. Don't lose hope, Maria! Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSA!


The Boss...
02/13/2009 16:50

THe only place there aren't cameras are in thje bathrooms, mostly because I have no deisre to see Frankie or Spencer or anyone naked. *shudders*
Oh, and in the JoBro half of your closet. I get enough of them in the rooms, I don't want to look at a shrine to them.

02/13/2009 21:01

I'm so happy that I'm actually mentioned here. :P I'm definitely including the butting heads thing in my Mafia profile...


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