Due to my very small appearence in the house today, one of our newest familia members took the liberty of writing the update today, so  thank you to Queenie, and here we go:

This Valentines day started like any other day until discussion broke out about whether or not Clara had a power. Nic could have easily looked into her mind but instead, Queenie decided to test her newly discovered ability to find out for her. When the two shook hands, Queenie's hand underwent internal flammation. Much similar to the feeling of being "changed". So the verdict stands that our first werewolf in the mafia has the ability to burn vampires upon contact, a defense mechanism that will prove to be quite useful in the future. Things began to take a turn for a greater worse when Queenie accidently touched Ronnie (though she was still wearing her laced gloves) causing Queenie to jump uncontrollably and experience an overload of emotions. Meanwhile, Nic decided to pay a visit to the Cullens, where her and Edward had a confrontation about their relationship which ultimately ended with Edward kissing her and Nic bursting into tears as Queenie highjacked a red corvette in order to take her home. (With the help of Ronnie) In attempts to cheer Nic up, the mafia mansion threw a party, which resulted in a very intoxicated Nic when Queenie offered her a bottle of Rum from the Irish vamps. Confrontations with Edward didn't stop there, the Cullens paid an unexpected visit to the mafia house. Nic and Edward spoke once more and Nic finally put her foot down, concluding a chapter in her life. Perhaps the most shocking news must have been Chaos growing attachment to new member, Clara. Chaos, who's best known for her reluctance in sharing her floor offered her a place to stay as her roommate. Shocking us all! Sab and Frankie were MIA most of the day aside from their occassional trips to the kitchen in rather revealing
outfits...nevertheless. Happy Valentines' Day, familia!


And now for my comments:
- Holy h**l! Chaos has a roomate?!
- Nic, drinking should be left to the pros (i.e. me)
- Those lacey boy shorts Frankie was wearing earlier were, for the record, actually his and not mine. He has weird taste in underwear.
- I did not in fact get in a fight with Rosalie when she was at the house with the Cullens, I think I deserve an evil cookie.


02/14/2009 23:15

Here is your evil cookie! I didnt fight either, so I get one too! I'm still wondering how the room mate thing happened, though it doesnt bother me...

Rea DiMarco
02/15/2009 04:38

I am flabbergasted! darn it people i didn't catch up in time to lurk for all this action!! darn time difference! Wow Chaos making a truce with Nic AND sharing her floor? ok is the apocalypse coming and nobody told me?

Mr Sexy Donut Man
02/15/2009 13:19

*cough cough*
You know you like them, Sab...

02/16/2009 02:17

Yes, the apocolypse is coming, now I just have to share my mini donuts and annonce that I love disney. Which is never going to happen.


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