So, this didn't really happen in the mafia, but it's a mafia MOMENT so I'm putting it here anyways: late Saturday night I was hungry and bored so I decided to walk down the street to my local Dunkin Donuts, and when I do there is a really cute emo guy behind the counter who's nametag said "Frankie" so I laughed like a loon and he now thinks I'm an insane stoner since I was buying doughnuts at 11pm on a Saturday and laughing like an idiot, explaining why I was laughing didn't help things, either.

Now onto mafia news, Neo was found by some "Shadows" Chaos brought in, but not before they broke many things (*ahem* My Holy Grail) and they are still here breaking things. Frankie, as it would turn out, is afraid of shadows, not very shocking. So he was wrapped in tinfoil and given a flashlight to protect himself (not that they would help, but shhh! Don't tell him that!). Also, Rita's back! *does happy dance* I missed her so! And somehow the Jonas Brothers have ended up in her room (don't look at me, I have NO idea!).

More tommorrow (hopefully, maybe not, I'm home sick)


Mr Sexy Donut Man
02/10/2009 07:41

Well, I'm sorry I'm scared of the dark!!! They want to eat my soul!!!!!

Rea DiMarco
02/10/2009 09:03

its good to see you're all still wreaking general havoc and chaos without me haha. Not that you had any problem with that before i came. Can SOMEBODY fill me in on progress with OD or has nowt happened since i left? Also i just updated my blog read it if you want but its not compulsory. Miss you guys!!!


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