Well, Chaos blew up the Cyrus' estate, boo-hoo, I'm so broken up (cha-yea, right). Nic and Chaos are now fighting because Chaos wants to blow up the Volturi, which she better not or she's gonna be in BIG trouble, and they are taking it way too far. Lidia has told Chaos to cut out the drama because it's getting on everyone's nerves, and we'll see if she listens. Rea is starting a blog to keep us updated with her while she is on hiatus from the lex, as soon as I get the address I will post it. Chase, the new ice cream boy who belongs to Alesio, has finally awoken. I don't think Ab likes him very much. More later. (Nic, if you let me know what you want me to add to the blog I'd be happy to)

-A.L. Sabina

P.S. One of my dogs is in a contest, so I'm going to shamelessly vote grub, please go vote for him
Please, please, please! And get other people to vote for him, too!


02/04/2009 17:10

A lot more went on Sab. Besides Chaos. Read before that...

Rea DiMarco
02/05/2009 10:50

here's the url for me blog :D


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