Da familia's newest memeber has informed us of her power, she can steal peoples gifts like Ronnie, but she can only keep one at a time (sorta like Peter on Heros). Nic and Chaos called a truce, and then left to visit Edward, along with Ronnie and Alesio. Then the worst ever news arose, my creator and former mate, Max, found me. His power is unrivaled and dangerous. While I was distracting him, he figured out our plan, and kidnapped me, resulting in a car chase followed by a battle in a helicopter, which resulted in a firey crash in which he died. We also have a new member, Clara "Al Capone" Romano, Aly for short (or Clarapwn), she's not like the rest of us, she's a werewolf, who doesn't stink surprisingly. From Max's army of newborns, we decided to keep one that we have dubbed "Tutti Jenkins" shoved in a maids dress (which Frankie will miss) and have made him our maid, bout time we got one of them.

More tommorrow,


02/13/2009 23:20

What a night! And our first werewolf in the coven. -bows- We gotta keep an eye on Tutti Jenkins...that newborn has been eyeing all the ladies since he got here.

The Boss...
02/14/2009 11:24

Its Clara "Al Capone" Romano, not Carla. or Clarapwn. And Romano as in Ray Romano.
*rolls eyes* Poor poor Frankie... *tries not to laugh*

Rea DiMarco
02/14/2009 15:30

dang peeps that is some crazy stuff rite there! Give my regards to the newbies Queenie and Clara *waves* keep on being awesome you guys :D

02/14/2009 19:46

REA! You haven't been answering my emails lately! And so much happened on Valentine's Day! Read soon hon!

02/15/2009 04:35

Nic-Nac i have now answered your emails hon i think techno shiz stole one thats why i took so long to reply. sorry :(


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