I'd forgotten we had this blog until I had to get on Weebly for a class and was like "HEY I ALREADY HAVE A WEEBLY" and then "shoot wtf is my password even oh heck" and then I had to hunt through the forums for it and now I'm  here

anyways hi people who may or may not read this in the future checking the site out of sheer nostalgia it's me, Viola.

Lidia is still alive and kicking, as I've posted about on the old threads, which it seems no one has bothered to check. I'm still in contact with Lucia's mun (er, player), Maria's mun, Queenie's mun, Rosa's mun, and Gio's mun, although no one them are particularly active in any sort of role playing sense anymore. Lidia can be found at setmyclocksearly.tumblr.com though, if you want to bother her; her askbox is opening and ready to listen to anons who may or may not be old friends! If you want to reach out to old members I know, contact me there, tell me who you are and I'll see if they remember you and still want to talk (we likely do; we all get hit with crippling bouts of nostalgia periodically).

If you're reading this in the future: hi, we miss you, and thanks for the memories (they taste like you only sweeter) (yes I just did that) (no I haven't changed).
Guise I just remembered we had a blog.
And this is weird.
Because this is a blog
that is not tumblr.

If anyone still checks this blog, you'll probably have realized we're basically dead. However! The Mafia will live on forever in our friendships! Lucia and Lidia have migrated to the confines of Tumblr, under the blogs of someeagerblood.tumblr.com and theydontscareme.tumblr.com reverse-respectively. If you miss us, come join us there. We'll be waiting~
Yes, we're British. Or, in Lid's sometimes case, Welsh. Which means...
Nadolig Llawen, pobl!
Happy holidays, love from The Boss... and all the Mafia to everyone else, and lets have a wonderful New Years in Spain, which is where we're currently at.
We swear we're alive! Sorta. Ish. To a vague, unspecfied, may or may not be extent. We exist, we know that. But not a whole lot more than that.
So, to business- Lid finally got her butt out of her LaZBoy and posted. Feline is now nicely settled, Dexter (in attempt to live up the undeadness) offered to make her donuts, which she wants to go so she can bring them to Spain, where everyone else (that being like, Rosa and Lourdes since everyone else is pretty much dead) is waiting to go kidnap hot boys with Lid AI-electronic buddies. Just wait till you meet her doors.
And... that's pretty much everything. Yeah, we're dead. Mostly dead. Maybe we'll regenerate soon? Pretty please?
Annnnnnnnnnd now it's been well over a month since we last updated. That's fantastic. *sarcasm hand is raised*
For the last months news, the plane carrying the Mafia to Spain has finally landed in Spain. The girls had fun flirting with the hot, spicy scented Spanish boys who were apparently hired to be on the plane just for them, but that sounds a lot like a certain other occupation we shan't speak of. However, we're going to ignore that. Moving on, Lidia is getting Feline settled in the Lego Fort since Monica decided to make herself scarce. Feline's starting to trust people, but Lid would rather have everyone (most especially Dexter) stay away, though that won't be hard because pretty much everyone is in Spain. Queenie was watching Lid curiously for a while, but has since wandered off. Dexter returned home from his family reunioning and is probably going to be rather distressed over the state of his garden. Also, don't be too weirded out- Lid just learned a lot of new swear words, so feel free to ignore anything she says that you don't understand unless she yells at you.
I dare say that's pretty much everything for Mafia life, sooo...

WARNING: Do not talk about Mockingjay until Viola gets her copy from Emma. Once she gets it, talk about it all you want on our thread, cuz I'll finish it in a couple hours. However, please otherwise abide by the Sept. 1st rule on the HG thread. First rule of Mockingjay is don't talk about Mockingjay!

That's all. Pip pip, cheerio, and all that jazz.

(PS: I can see Vurky's email! Bwahahaha stalker time! XD)
Has it really been over a month since we last updated this thing? I guess so. Let's begin.

For starters, we have recently acquired a shiny new thread...(so what if it was 16 pages ago! Do you know how long it took us to finish the last thread?)

Long story, a bunch of us were thrown into the ball pit of doom at the hands of Da Boss. It was a big globby-melted-marshmellow-and-jello-nutella mess but in the end we all managed to escape. However, peace and quiet never lasts too long in this house so it's only natural that the familia found out that Monica had blooded her little sister, Feline, who is now a blood thirsty newborn looking to kill Dexter (seriously, when isn't this guy being hunted down?)

Feline was put on a slight hold when Lidia decided that everyone must tend to watch the final game of the World Cup. The winner was Spain, however, leaving a very disgruntled Lidia even more disgruntled since this means that Dexter will be leaving us to go join his father in California while the rest of us are left behind to dealt with the likes of Feline.

Lidia interjects- And now most of us are off on a grand adventure to Europe. Maria and Lucia are going to temporarily kidnap certain members of the Spanish football team and everyone else can gamboole about and go shopping. We're leaving Feline at home, but Lid will poof back at night to babysit her.

Have I gotten it all? Toodles! Tutti.
Lid: Now you've got it all.

You know, I'd post a blog, but we haven't really had anything to blog about. At all. What so ever. Nuthin. Zip. Nada. Zero. Zilch.
The thread is pretty much dead, but I'll attribute this to the fact that school is getting out so most people are busy with finals and stuff (unless you're Nicholle, who's been out for a while. Lucky butt.)
Hopefully people will come back once they get bored during the summer. In the mean time, Lid will be hosting a car wash/rave for pretty much herself. Have fun this summer!
New blog time. Lid's actually doing it this time, too!
People are still in Portland, but we've started spreading out and slowly making our way back home. Lets try and get home before we need a new thread, okay?
Maria and Rosa had a devilishly fast drag race home, Rosa winning by virtue of an uber fast new car.
Dexter is no longer being punished by Lidia, who managed to get everyone out of the mall without being mobbed by any more Twi-noobs. He's now on a date with Monica, who's busy foreshadowing stuff and spoiling her entire plot.
Lid, Queenie and Ali are on their way to Voodoo to pick up some donuts. Any requests? Lid also thinks Gio might be in town, so there might be some... visiting done. She also has to go get her new toy- a hoverbot spy drone thing that is totally awesome.
And that's everyone who's been posting recently. Anyone not mentioned? Just... magically poof yourself home, cuz in aboot 16 pages we'll be off to... Ireland, right? While we wait for a new thread.
Happy Easter! (And birthday...) (:D) Have a lovely, sugar filled day doing the religious or non-religious activities of your choice (Rosa and I will be watching conference from opposite sides of the country) and stop by and join Lid's bacon fest. Its our birthday, that means bacon! YAY BACON!
In other news... Most everyone is off in Portland, shopping for new cars or laughing at Dexter. He's been forced to stand outside Hot Topic, and girls arestarting to gather... but who do they think he is? There are cries of "OH MY GOSH, LOGAN LERMAN!" and "HOLY CROW ITS ROBERT PATTINSON!" Which fangirls will win and keep Dexter? Or, you know, attempt to lay claim to him before Lid comes back and kicks their butts. Mwahaha. Queenie and Monica are still off in Ireland, having an Irish feast. Oh, and we have a noob- everyone say hi to Rita, and let Lid bite her head off for horrible spelling.
So, uh, again, Happy Easter!
It seems that the chaos has all begun to settle down since the effects of Dexter's lotus flowers have worn off.

-Dexter is facing some unfortunate punishment by the hands of Lidia while Rosa watches gingerly.
-Maria and Lucia are getting ready to soak in the night life.
-Aida is still finding her place in the world of Twilight Mafia, so please! Let's all try and make her feel welcome! (What happened to our welcoming committee?)
-Monica and Queenie have ventured to Ireland for some St. Patrick's Day hunting.
-Dart has returned! Hurray for the book nerd! Does this mean we'll have to squeeze his bio somewhere here any time soon?

And a note from Queenie, SHE MISSES GIO! *sings 'Where'd you go?' by Fort Minor.

Happy Mafia-ing!