It seems that the chaos has all begun to settle down since the effects of Dexter's lotus flowers have worn off.

-Dexter is facing some unfortunate punishment by the hands of Lidia while Rosa watches gingerly.
-Maria and Lucia are getting ready to soak in the night life.
-Aida is still finding her place in the world of Twilight Mafia, so please! Let's all try and make her feel welcome! (What happened to our welcoming committee?)
-Monica and Queenie have ventured to Ireland for some St. Patrick's Day hunting.
-Dart has returned! Hurray for the book nerd! Does this mean we'll have to squeeze his bio somewhere here any time soon?

And a note from Queenie, SHE MISSES GIO! *sings 'Where'd you go?' by Fort Minor.

Happy Mafia-ing!


04/09/2010 03:02

Yes, yes it does, I will be sticking around for a while.


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