New blog time. Lid's actually doing it this time, too!
People are still in Portland, but we've started spreading out and slowly making our way back home. Lets try and get home before we need a new thread, okay?
Maria and Rosa had a devilishly fast drag race home, Rosa winning by virtue of an uber fast new car.
Dexter is no longer being punished by Lidia, who managed to get everyone out of the mall without being mobbed by any more Twi-noobs. He's now on a date with Monica, who's busy foreshadowing stuff and spoiling her entire plot.
Lid, Queenie and Ali are on their way to Voodoo to pick up some donuts. Any requests? Lid also thinks Gio might be in town, so there might be some... visiting done. She also has to go get her new toy- a hoverbot spy drone thing that is totally awesome.
And that's everyone who's been posting recently. Anyone not mentioned? Just... magically poof yourself home, cuz in aboot 16 pages we'll be off to... Ireland, right? While we wait for a new thread.

05/03/2010 15:56

*Walks in, footsteps echo*
Huh, it's sure mighty lonely in here... Poor blog. It must feel rather abandoned. Maybe we should feed it some doughnuts...

*Tries to feed doughnuts to the blog, but doesn't seem to be able to find the mouth*

The Boss...
05/08/2010 10:14

If we name the blog, he'll have a mouth, and then we can feed him!

05/24/2010 17:27

Good idea! Have we decided upon a name?
Not only is the blog being neglected, but so is our poor and humble thread... :(

07/02/2010 19:28

Voodoo, voodoo,
Voodoo, voodoo,
Voodoo, voodoo,
Voodoo, voodoo!

So far away, I'm not the one who's so far way...


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