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Late last night Fluffy (aka Tinkle Farnsworth) the werechinchilla appeared dragging a dead duck shouting about viva la resistance. Please somebody return him to me if you find him. Rea announced that she will be on hiatus until June 20th (we will miss her). Nic will be taking over as sole head of Operation Domination.  Somebody burned down the POTC ride in California, I'm guessing either Ab or Chaos, and Lidia came and restored it, it's perfectly fine and nobody remembers a thing. Kenny Ortega (HSM creator) is currently in our possesion, and being tourtured. Chaos and Ab are in newborn proof rooms for the time being, placed there by Lidia.

-A.L. Sabina


02/02/2009 12:36

I'm gonna miss Rea sooo much! :'(


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