Tuesday, aka St. Pattie's Day, was not very eventful, Gio installed a scanner by the front door so we don't have to deal with keys anymore, just put your hand (or paw if you're one of the wolves) on the scanner and ta-da! As well as a doggy door, that Lidia enjoyed climbing through. You're in! Cos blew up Nagini's vase, which Queenie quickly repaired before Nagini could eat anyone. Later Gio made breakfast with Irish liquor in celebration of St. Patrick's Day, which Gabby scarfed down a lot of, resulting lots of drunken behaviour from her, including dancing on the table with Rita. Gio was encouraging the behaviour by becoming bartender for the day, while he is good at it, it was not such a good idea. After Gabby's drinking got out of hand Rita and myself confiscaited all the booze and I threw it into a pile that I lit on fire, not my best idea, I accidently set Rita's clothes on fire as well... Chaos claims that St. Patrick's Day is the Irish's excuse to drink to which I say the Irish never need an excuse to drink, I should know, my dad's half of the family is half Irish and they show it well. Alesio is hoping to find her own LA Chase at the new ice cream/donut place opening by her house. We are also voting on if we shoudl ban alcohol or not. So far it seems to most people agree with banning it, I think it should be banned excapt on special occasions, like weddings, because to me it's not really a wedding until my Uncle Rick gets sauced and thinks he's a Chipendale dancer. Medea's sister dipped her phone in warm water so now it's broken, and at this minute I'm really glad I'm not her sister. Lastly, LA Frankie hijacked my account (again) but I didn't have to pour water on him (again) because he made himself look stupid by putting on my glitter eyeliner by mistake instead of the normal stuff, so all is well, lol.

3/17/2009 04:44:32 pm

Yeah, the bartending wasn't the best idea, no? How was I to know some of y'all could actually get *drunk*?

3/17/2009 07:32:33 pm

I know the Irish don't need an excuse to drink, duh, but it's kind of like an official drinking holiday. Which is why I hate it.

3/18/2009 07:44:39 am

I'm thinking that LA Frankie really does need his own account. He's too awesome to just pop in only every once in a while. =P

The Boss...
3/18/2009 09:09:00 am

Man, if there aren't any cute little emo boys at Disneyland for me to find.... *grumbles....*


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