Everyone has returned from Fire Island and we are now testing Queenie's power (aka me throwing knives at her and her generating a pink bubble of protection). We were also trying to find out if it works with mental powers as well as physical powers, it appears that it does; more testing is to be done tommorrow. In the mean time Chaos found her old friend, Amae, who she brought back with her and is going to have to choose between him and Neo. Queenie took and impromtue trip to India to steal something to make Chaos feel better, which was a small golden egg, similiar to the eggs Chaos collects. Vurk teleported in on his robot, Spark (again), and smashed through several floors (again), we must put a stop to this teleporting business of his before the house turns to a pile of rubble. Queenie opened her box from Fire Island, which contained bloody ashes that a fox with a fire tipped tale was created from, so for lack of a better term a Fox Phoenix, whom she named Kingsley and says "Kingsley. King!" instead of the more traditonal "woof". Frankie showed up when nobody else was around and started dumping stuff on the floor and going through peoples junk just to see if anyone was around, it was quite funny, really. (here's the post, it's worth a laugh). We may be making an IKEA run later to spruce up the 4th floor, which NO ONE lives on. Medea and Ab were fighting each other, just out of boredom.



Mr Sexy Donut Man
03/10/2009 19:35

*covers eyes* I'm sorry, you all just... DIED! I thought I made the Mafia disappear!
And its not my fault I've been watching Cobra Starship TV.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4afdNhjF4Y

03/10/2009 22:31

Sorry it just bothers me but...foxes don't say woof! They have a bark-like noise, but not woof! Frankie that's how I feel being the last one on all the time.

03/11/2009 12:33

Hhahah yeah foxes dont say woof but whatever haha i liked the IKEA thing

03/13/2009 14:26

Since when does the mafia do anything traditionally? A fire fox that can only say its own name is practically boring in comparison to some of the other pets. Boring, but still adorable!


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