A good breakfast is always a good way to start the day, which seems to be exactly what Gio has been trying to do lately by preparing wonderful spreads for our enjoyment this and yesterday morning. When nobody was around Rita did an impromptue redition of the Jonas Brothers "Tonight" on the table, which was quite good. Cos wants to change Ashley, which seems a little soon if you ask me (even if you don't I maintain it's a little soon). Lidia is going to attemp to kick Frankie off his Xbox while (mostly) everyone is on Fire Island, to which I say, "Good luck with that." Aro, Caius, Jane and Felix came 'round, Aro as per usual was looking for new powers to add to his collection. They were handled quite easily (after I slapped Aro, but he had it coming) and left without much hassle. Demetri has also taken up residence in the mansion for the time being, and I shall be keeping an eye on him. Frankie was MIA for a few hours, Lidia found him for me with Queenie's map in the 3rd floor purple fuzzy room. When I went to look for him I found him sitting in a chair, eating kettle corn and playing Halo. Naked. He had apparently ripped his skinny jeans (again) and forgot to put on new pants because he was engrossed in Halo. It's a good thing he's cute, otherwise he'd be just plain nuts.



03/06/2009 19:38

I dont want to change ashley right now i said that i wanted to have a kid and then change her after we were married haha

03/06/2009 20:27

Must... Not... Hit... Cosimo... With kitchen appliance. You don't go changing humans or knocking them up all willy-nilly! You only met her a few pages ago!

And not *everyone* is going to Fire Island. Pretty much everyone except Chaos and I keep flip-flopping and most people don't even know why we're going in the first place.

And thanks for the mashed potatoes, Gio.

03/06/2009 21:43

Anytime. (grins)

Giovanni's trying to learn to cook more. Expand his repertoire, you could say.

And Gio knows why Queenie is going to Fire Island! :)

03/07/2009 03:35

What is fire island? I'm confused about this ...

Thanks for the breakfasts Gio, I keep missing them - next time I'll try some.

The Boss...
03/07/2009 15:40

I have a massive collection of recipies and stuff Gio, if you want to borrow some. And a ridiculous amount of Pampered Chef cookware. I was quite keen on baking for a spell, some time ago...

You are NOT changing Ashely, Cosimo, unless there is no otehr choice! Maybe if you get randomly attacked by flying monkeys and there's nothing else you can do, then yes. But not otherwise.

03/08/2009 08:10

Thats what ui was saying... i wasnt saying that right now i want to knock her up and then change her right away./... i meant like years or months from now geesh


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