Kicking off the day our favorite shirtless vamp (next to Frankie of course, but he's MINE), Gio, made a crepe breakfast buffett, complete with a topping bar that included Nutella. Queenie broke the kitchen door. Demitri was hanging around the mansion being a creepy, lurking stalker, Nic "persuaded" him to leave, she apparently did not know Maria has a thing for him, I don't see why, though, Felix is the better looking one IMO, and it's fun to shove him in closets and sit on him (long story, if I remember where that was I'll link it *edit* FOUND IT! Here you go.). Ronnie would like to his Cos with a toaster, which happens to be my personal weapon of choice, because of his GF situation, at least until he brought in his new GF, Ashley, who isn't an annoying airhead that must be taken out. Nic's acting strange, and for a bit people thought she was possibly pregnant, which she isn't, thank God. That would be too weird even for me. Queenie is planning on taking a trip to fire island with some others, also. Gio fainted at the mention of pregnancy scares (which I agree with Gabby about, we have WAY too many for vampires). Alesio was weilding MY doomstick earlier, for which I will whack her because nobody touches the doomstick but me. Lidia has a very interesting theory about "Wentz-pires" (see page 32, thread XI, first post).

That's about it, more tommorrow.


03/06/2009 08:47

Well, how would *you* react if you were very intimate with your wife and suddenly someone tells you, you could have gotten her pregnant. (And who knows what happens afterwards!)

Poor Gio had a long moment.

The Boss...
03/06/2009 16:47

(Oh snap at my last comment!)
Yeah, poor Gio. *laughs*
I was about to start flipping out at Nic. Vampire babies only happen in slash and really bad fanfiction.
Its just not physically possible.
*coughs* And don't make fun of the Wentz-pires...

Alesio Tagliano
03/07/2009 21:04

Hey! Cosmo needed whacking, and you weren't there! I couldn't let him just go out of control...


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