Surprisingly, the day went pretty slow today with the exception of a few major events...okay ONE major event that was highly anticipated. Drum roll please...Giovanni is back! Hurray for the Shirtless and proper English.

Nic and Aaron stopped by for a bit before getting back to their romantic honeymoon. (Oh lala) Sab is banned from her computer for...reasons "unknown". but she should be back shortly.

Demetri's visit came a bit earlier than expected when he showed up at the mansion doorstep once more to see Maria. (This of course set off fellow Familia: Rosa, Chaos, Ronnie, Queenie and others) But it seems that Maria might actually be warming up to Demetri? (What has the world come to?) However, the Familia seem more eager to stomach this possibility than that of Cosmo and Hazel...

Sab: The reasons unknown is I pushed my brother into the pool for saying something about L.A. Frankie to my mother. I ruined his cell, thankfully he works for AT&T, so he can get a new one free. I snuck on to do this.


03/05/2009 09:51

Amazing what proper grammar can do... ;)

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome back! Giovanni just needed some time off to get his mind back on track.

Rea DiMarco
03/05/2009 10:20

You're back Gio? excellent i bet cosmo was driving everyone mental with his non-english :P

03/05/2009 14:04

Hhahah this has nothing to do with the post but... for everyoen who has a bio did you make it or ... did sab?? cause im writing one right now sooo

The Boss...
03/05/2009 15:40

Sab wrote some, a few did their own.

Ugh. Hazel the Bubble Head.
I'm very tempted to go all Special on her butt the second Cosimo is tired of her.
But I'll wait till you are, Cos, and so will everyone else.

03/06/2009 19:49

Im done with Hazel and im writing my bio hahah


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