As much as I loved our vacation resort at Gaylord Estate, its good to be back at the mansion with our 11th thread. And now, some cause and effect to continue one from yesterday.

1) Clara's pack, Dark Moon, claimed to have only had two survivors. (Clara and a fellow pack member, Alphie) Conflict broke out determining whether or not it was right for Clara to mate with Alphie in order to continue on the Dark Moon line (much to the dismay of Josh.) In the end, Nic found that there was another female wolf left, Lara. (Go figure) so hopefully the two will get together and restart the Dark Moon population.
2) Some of you may remember, Nixon, Maria's human beau who lived with us for a short period of time. Sadly, yesterday Maria decided to let him go back into the human world after he saw what was going on with Maria and Demetri. (Blanking out his mind to forget us forever) We will certainly miss him.

Rita dropped by the mansion today, taking a break from her helluva-being-chased by the Volturi. Queenie gave Rita her England version of Marauder's map to help her on her journey. This inspired Lidia, Queenie and Chaos to work on expanding Queenie's Mafia version of the Marauder's map. (Queenie and Chaos will explore the many nooks and crannys of the library tonight as Lidia modifies the map's outline.)

...And Cosimo has a new girlfriend named Hazel, who coincidentally has a similar ability to that of Queenie and Ronnie. (The familia hasn't quite warmed up to her just yet.) (Twitch)


03/04/2009 12:50

Hazel is the best hhahah love the blog Sab or Queenie whoever wrote it hah!

The Boss...
03/04/2009 16:46

I hath figured out how to edit internet sutffs!
Actually, I'm not sure how I did it. But it works!

03/04/2009 16:55

Yes, error 403 has died!
Nixon left? :'(

Can I set Hazel on fire? Pretty, pretty, please with a blood drop on top?


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