First things first, let us give our new family member a warm welcome. Say hello to Rin, a former member of the soul society and a new member of the Mafia. Rin, too, has the ability to change into a wolf but she doesn't exactly fall under the category of a werewolf. (Or vampire) Upon arriving, she bumped heads with Chaos over floor arrangements when she claimed the 8th floor. Seriously, its an off day when someone doesn't get into a fight with Chaos.

I am sad to report that we have lost our beloved member, Gio, who has chosen to leave the Mafia for personal reasons. We miss him dearly and hope that his temporary leave is not permanent.

Shortly after, Nic decided to change Aaron and after two agonizing days, Aaron joined our familia as a newborn vampire. Nic also discovered that her beau's power includes the ability to make people fall in love. (Talk about playing cupid!) The newlyweds are on their honeymoon in Fiji. So we wish them the best of a time.

As for as unfortunate events go:
1) After a nasty fight between Aly and Josh, Josh mysteriously disappeared, only to be found by Queenie and Chaos before he was able to burn himself alive, yes, we said burn.
2) Just as Maria told us about her suspicions of Demetri being the one who changed her, the Volturi decided to pay us a little visit in front of our Canadia hideout. Demetri attempted to capture Maria as her mate only to be stopped by Rosa who was burned by Jane who Aly tried to burn but didn't work and was soon burned my Jane as well. (What a mouthful!) With a little convincing from the Mafia, the Volturi retreated. Mafia: 1 Volturi: 0

In more obvious news, we are desperately in need of a new Mafia thread
(that the Mods refuse to give us for reasons unknown) So far, we've managed to terminate the Canadia thread and have moved on to Florida to soak up the sun. Kowabunga, Familia!


03/02/2009 20:53

I have a wisdom tooth removed and you burn up an entire thread? A thread most of you shouldn't be in, in the first place?!?!

And you guys do know that the rules only state you have to PM a mod when a thread hits 100, not that you have to stop posting there, and the mafia hasn't been locked yet... Shutting up, now. Sorry.

Why didn't Clarpone's power pwn Jane's?
I don't like being confuzzled.

03/02/2009 21:11

Apparently, Aly's power only likes burning you and I. (Frown)

Ch, and be happy that I've at least recapped everything for you, Ronnie. :P

03/02/2009 22:32

Selective burning...
That hurt like heck! And I didn't even get the full blow of it... *pats Queenie's shoulder*

And I am happy, I'm just a bit loopy because of Codeine, and I may be for a while.

03/02/2009 22:33

HEY!!! I don't get into a fight EVERY day, just most of them! And I don't like Florida, it's too bright.

03/02/2009 22:41

So we're in the sunny-beachy part of Florida filled with old people and retirement homes?
Eh, still better than the swamps and redneck territory...

I should probably stop commenting about this recap, but its pretty huge.

Rea DiMarco
03/03/2009 14:43

YOU'RE IN FLORIDA!!! omg guys no wonder the mods won't give you a new thread - you're eating up every thread that's not ours cos we burnt through it too fast and cannot mend our ways!! gah i think a group therapy session may be in order...

The Boss...
03/03/2009 16:12

Well, we do have a new thread...
But I like Florida. Kinda, GayLord Estates is very pretty...
Sad thing- no mountains, thus no snow in Florida.

03/03/2009 16:37

We were in Gaylord Estates? Who picked the name Gaylord?
Was it because I mentioned the name in the Teen thread?

Rea DiMarco
03/04/2009 13:15

Ronnie there is actually a massive hotel called the Gaylord Palms near Orlando - i went they for christmas dinner in 2005 :D

03/04/2009 13:51

I knew i had three cousins *rolls eyes* im lying i didnt even know my last name hahah


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