Ello, familia!

Sab here, just letting you know I'm overhauling the site so don't be alarmed if something isn't working of it looks different.

I should be done by tommorrow.

*edit* Oooorrrrrrr, TODAY!
Took a lot less time than I thought, then again I started out with some really EXTREME idea, realized how much work they would be, and threw them out the window.


Late edit by Lidia: In the mean time, everyone... TO THE BEACH! As in the Florida thread. A piece of Oregon coast has been transplanted there, for no reason whatsoever.

EDIT EDIT: Tonight (tonight being Friday night) we shall be leaving Florida and returning to the mansion. The Floridans need their own thread, and ours is feeling rather neglected. Once we get back home, most people will be going shopping for their formal-wear for APPC's Mod/Admin Appreciation Party (to be held on the Mod/Admin Appreciation thread on July 18th, so we have about a month to get ready). Make sure you PM me (Lidia) to RSVP for the party. The invintation is posted on our thread by midnight_sun and on practically every other thread as well.


05/26/2009 10:57

Procrastinator's Creed:

I believe that if anything is worth doing, it would have been done already. (By somebody else.)

05/29/2009 17:45

SO, we can come back to the new thread?


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