Since we have blown through the 7th thread so quickly (again) we have took over the Canadian thread, and are currently vacationing there until further notice. To keep on topic, make sure to post a fact about Canada at the end of ever post you make.

We have also begun and ice cream war and Medea turned me purple. Frankie has a new car he's working on rebuilding, it's a 1964 Mustang. That's it for now, so in the words of our esteemed co-boss, Lidia, toodle pip, wot wot and all that jolly stuff.

-A.L. Sabina

P.S. Lidia, I saw your comment and Frankie would most likely kill you if you painted his 'stang purple.


The Boss...
02/02/2009 20:52

You look very good in purple, Sab.
I'm now tempted to go paint the Stang purple to match you. :D


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