To start off the day one of the mafia's newer members, Nicolette, discovered she has the power of mind control, which she took for a test drive on Lana, who is invisible (I am still confused as to how she became that way).  The witch twins (aka Jane and Alec) payed the house a visit because of Lana putting a spell on Alec's mate. Nicolette controled their minds, so there is currently no danger. Also, since Jane was around I plotted to shave her head, but nobody would hold her down for me. So, all in all, a pretty uneventful day (at least fo us).


Smooth Alesio Tagliano
01/15/2009 18:04

This is great Sab! Soooo much better than reading through 20 pages every night!!! :-D

Lidia Da Bossiano (lol)
01/16/2009 17:34

Wicked! I love it! This is actually a really good idea. I commend you for thine awesomeness.

Petty Crime Francesca
01/17/2009 15:24

thanks so much, Sabina! this is fantastic! it's great to be able to catch up quickly on what goes on at headquarters.
you are definitely going to Mafia heaven. :D

~ Chezz


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