Lidia/Queenie/Sab neglected to do Friday's blog, so its being stuck with Saturday's.

Friday: People had an emo party, recounting their sad sad histories to each other while the non-depressed people sat around being bored. Nic confirmed her and Aaron's decision to leave the Mafia, yes, they are going, no one is going to stop them. According to Nic, its for our saftey, but from what, no one knows. Nina and Lidia had fun poking Spencer while he was asleep to make him squeak, and its still as cute as it was when he was human. (Lidia is also very happy Gio is writing another fanfic)

Saturday was apparently a pie making contest, in honor of Pi Day (3/14, pi, 3.141 something something something...) Everyone had fun in the kitchen, making what ever kinds of pies they desired, from chocolate Nutella peanut butter ones to blood pies (tasty, but gross looking). Fun mess to clean up. Most people were in and out that day (like Lidia, she went to see Wicked, and met Fiyero, who is exceedingly handsome) And everyone else ate lots of pi. Good day.


03/15/2009 12:01

When the mafia starts acting depressed and doesn't have a proper emo party in a hole, I leave.
Depression+Jasper power=bad
Pi(e), fun... wow, those past two days were boring!

03/15/2009 12:23

Whoops- no mention of Giovanni's nor Janos' lost loved one issues. Guess it wasn't as bad as I thought.

The Boss...
03/15/2009 12:45

depressed people? sad, sad histories?
Sorry, I like bieng vague sometimes...

03/15/2009 15:43

Uhm excuse me you didnt mention my bday haah kidding I dont care


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