To start off the day, Vurk reappeared, and we all found out he enjoys the Single Ladies music video, which I never would have guessed. Frankie challanged Vurk to a game of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock, I expect it to go down tommorrow, and for Frankie to pwn Vurk (I'm accepting bets for those of you who want to get in on the action). Vurk and I finally agreed on something (hey, it was bound to happen sometime!), that The Dark Knight is the best movie ever. And we ended the day with a bang, literally. Say goodbye to Montana, I blew it up, meant to blow up France though, just mislabeled the buttons... oh well, who really cares about Montana anyways?

On an unrelated note, I should have the site done for the most part by Sunday.


Petty Crime Francesca
01/17/2009 15:26

you agreed with VURK?! my goodness.

oh, hey, we'd better not get caught for blowing Montana... that would really only be a slight inconvenience, but still. we don't want to have to bribe the authorities again.


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