Ahoy, mateys! Today, September 19th, be International Talk Like A Pirate Day! I, as The Pirate Captain, declare that everyone shall speak in Pirate-ese when not in character! However, its perfectly okeydokey to have your charrie talk pirate too. But don't say okeydokey. Pirates don't say okeydokey, its simply not pirate-y.
Suggestions to celebrate ITLAD:
1. Help commandeer the CSI set and film a pirate detective sequence.
2. Kill all the zombie pirates attacking the CSI set.
3. Visit the Talk Like A Pirate Day website.
4. Find some interesting phrases to say on this Uncyclopdia article, or use this Pirate Dictionary.
5. Change your Facebook page to Pirate.
6. Invade various threads and jabber away in Pirate-ese about rum and Tortuga and Davy Jones and the awesomeness that is Jack Sparrow.
7. Watch lots of Spongebob episodes involving The Flying Dutchman.
8. Have a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon.
9. Translate "Yo Ho Yo Ho Its a Pirate Life For Me!" into German and sing it at the Oktoberfest, to stay true to the spirit of both celebrations.
10. Dress up and talk like a pirate all day!
Or any other ideas ye can think of, provided they're properly pirate-y.
9/19/2009 06:58:16 am

So I totally had International Talk Like a Pirate Day put in my phone calendar because I knew it was coming, and I celebrated it with my friend this morning!
Avast ye landlubbers!

9/19/2009 12:28:09 pm

Arrrrr whichever of ye landlubbers suggest Anagora be a mother, we are not amused! ARRR!!! *creepy stare* 0.0

He'd be a good one though...he keeps Monica in line....lol I mean- HAR HAR HAR!! *snort*

Blogeth be loooooonely! And PM me David when the story be up! ARRRRRR. Or if you need a co-writer........;)

*pets lonely blog* I shall call him Ricardo.

9/19/2009 02:48:32 pm

ARR, that was me! lol. Har Har Har.

Cowriters! Whoo! I think David will have a lot of cowriters hahah.

Ricardo. *pets*

9/19/2009 02:59:56 pm

Arr. 'Course I be havin' tons o' cowriterrrs. But ye need te dream up some plots (not te kin' ye be buryin' people in) and lettin' me know!

9/19/2009 04:06:50 pm

Argh, alas I am not the only one who pets th' blogs. They get mighty lonesome at times.

I guess ye will also be needin' character descriptions now wouldn't ya, David. I guess that I need to work on writtin' somethin' up for ye.

9/19/2009 10:37:36 pm

David, ye will also be needin' description from me, now. But I be havin' trust in ya, David, and so I give ye permission to use Al the way ye should want.

9/21/2009 09:28:40 am

Monica's bio is awfully empty....how can we fix that??

*busy writing plotline for Monica in school*

10/1/2009 06:04:17 pm

Wow- has it really been that long since this last blog post?

10/4/2009 01:25:01 am


Maybe we need a new blog now...anyone else?

The Boss...
10/4/2009 11:50:20 am

Oh dear, it is time for a new one, eh?
I'll post one after soccer tomorrow.

10/8/2009 06:05:15 am

Yes, methinketh we do.


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