To kick off the day when Nic invited Jasper to come help out with Operation Domination, she also revealed another part of her past. It would appear that she had a fling with Emmett some time ago, and then had mated with Edward 25 years ago, that is until he found out about her past with the Volturi and he left her, now she was trying to find a way to get him back, unfortunatly it didn't work out. In the meantime, Alesio decided to add some blue feathers to my masterpiece that is Haley's hair, and Chaos threw Haley in a padded room for safe keeping, now Ronnie has ducttaped Haley's feet together, hot glued sparkles to her legs and hung her upside down from the ceiling by a hook, and VIOLA! Mermaid that the vampwolf pups happen think is a firehydrant! (Vurk is going to KILL us when he sees this!) It also seems like everyone is adopting Chaos' half vampwolf puppies left and right, one has even took a liking to Spencer, we have dubbed it Frapp Pup. Alesio, Ronnie and myself are currently in Chicago searching for the perfect mate for Alesio, so far no luck. Rea is "taking care of" the producers of Supernatural because they have noticed Sam and Dean missing, the Disney hacks are fighting over some shoes, a human showed up at the front door so he's knocked out in Chaos' room, and the Jonas Brothers crashed in front of the house, which we haven't dealt with yet because we are waiting for the new thread.

*takes deep breath*
Whew, that's a lot.

-A.L. Sabina


Motor Mouth Alice.
01/28/2009 15:52

You never added my power to my page. :D

Oh, and it was me who shot Miley, not Chaos or Lidia. She's not wounded, she's dead. I shot her in the head multiple times.

But....*shoves Hannah Montana into pit*

There. Have fun. :D

The Boss...
01/28/2009 16:59

*goes back to read more thoroughly*

Sly Gabby Tagliano
01/29/2009 09:16

DANG!!I was gone for what, a couple days and you managed to cause ALL that havoc?!?!And i actually like paramore, so dont kill Haley or anything....

Motor Mouth Alice.
01/29/2009 17:00

No worries Gabby. I like Paramore, too, but this chick...ugh. And we wouldn't have to kill her, she'd be more than happy to do it herself. :lol: Haha. I just typed a smiley without thinking.


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