Hey guys, Emma here. I thought I'd help Viola out with the blogs since we scarcely ever have a new entry!

For all of you who have missed a few days and want a run down without having to go through 57485794 pages, here's what you've missed.

-Queenie had an epiphany and is now set out to try to win Giovanni's heart.
-This goes for Monica as well, who after having had a conversation about love and jealous with Queenie, realized that she, too, loved someone. Dexter!
-Most of the Mafia joined in on an EPIC vampire snowball fight outside of the mansion, which involved lots of multicolored snow, moving snow creations (ie: Snownas Bros, snow-Trex...), evil laughter, flying snowballs (like, literal flying ones. With wings.) and much snow-destruction of snow forts. Unfortunately,Dexter got hypothermia from being out too long. (And the fact that Monica fell asleep on him didn't exactly help either...)
-Al has returned after a long hiatus. Welcome back!
-Giovanni has not been around. *pout* You win some you lose some!
-Welcome back, the original Luisa, who left for a while but has since decided to come back to see if she can find her place in the Mafia thread.

Did I miss anything?
(Boss Edit: Yes, yes you did. D: We needed more epic snowfighting!)
Oh yeah, watch the Percy Jackson movie...it was awesome.

Bye now! *poof*
2/21/2010 10:09:55 am

Oh. My. Gosh.


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