Today, December 5th, is the Day of the Ninja! I expect everyone to be running around as ninja like as possible. Have fun!
At the Mansion, Gio, Queenie, Lidia and Maria are taking care of a group of hunters who apparently decided Kingsley was snackfood or an eskaped zoo pet. All we know is that they're too icky to be eaten, so we're wiping their memories, feeding them shrooms and sending them on their merry, triptastic way. Karl has returned! Yay! He and Roxy are talking, but for now you're welcome to stop by and say hello. Dexter and Lucia are touring the Mansion, so any other noobs are welcome to go and join them. Monica... likes to make ginormous posts that are very plotful and need some more developing, so we'll update you on that later. Stefan, Rosa's shapshifty brother, has sadly taken his leave, but we hope he'll visit again soon. Just no jumping him, okay, even if it is the Day of the Ninja?
Erm, did I miss anything?

12/06/2009 12:06

Lol, MOAR developing?? As in clarification?

I apologize for mah outpulses, but I need to finish mah story by Christmas!! So i'm using the poor Mafia thread as inspiration *dies while typing story*

I MiSSED NINJA DAY!! D': Stupid cheer competition


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