Time for another one, although there's still not a lot to report. Queenie is spending time at St. Mungo's, undergoing memory treatment, with a rahter bothersome also-vampire room mate. Fun for her. Roxy and Gio are still absent, but a rather large amount of paintings arrived for Gio. Maria put them up in his room. Everyone else has been lolling about the Mansion in a state of extreme boredom, except Lidia. She lost herself and is currently stuck in the Abyss of Forgotten SKITS, staying as far away as possible from the Pit of Discarded Characters, where Mike and Aro are having a whipped cream party. *shudders* Depending on the good will of Stephenie Meyer, Lidia should be out soon, and hopefully as sane as she ever was. THat seems to be all that's happened... its so incredibly slow, I need new similes for its slowness!

Al Pucinni
08/06/2009 14:53


08/10/2009 09:23

Someone's been reading browniechadowes' fics.

The Boss...
08/12/2009 11:06

Yeah. Still not sure if it was a good idea. *claps hands over eyes in horror*
But it was funny, sadly I didn't get the chance to vote for it.


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