Yes, I know this super late. *waves away glares and eye rolling*
We got a new thread! So the Mafia is finally leaving Disneyland, a departure thankfully sped up by Dexter getting a little squished by Monica and Lucia having apparent menstrual cramps without the gross part. We still have to find Monica, first, because she's disappared to some part of the park. Lid and Rosa are working on finding her as everyone else packs up to leave. Be warned, Frankie and Spencer are driving, so I'd really suggest wearing your seatbelt and strapping all breakable possesions down. Going back to Rosa, it seems her long lost brother, whom she assumed dead, is really alive, full shapeshifter, immortal, and with a shapeshifting family of his own. He might be coming back to the Mansion to visit for a while.
Hopefully everyone got their fill of vacationing (Lid did- she has enough Star Wars paraphanelia to outlast a zombie apocalypse now). Time to relax at home for a while, take a nap, eat food,


11/04/2009 16:57

there's no place like hoooooooooooome!!!
haha XD

11/04/2009 17:09

Good job, Lidia, you posted on the blog! *applauds*

11/04/2009 17:46

YAY!!! Another post!!! And FINALLY!! We are going home!!! Just have to find Monica....
*searches around the blog*
I don't see her....

11/05/2009 13:26

Gio's suddenly *very* glad that he's driving the Porsche.

Even if he has to figure out how to fold his 6'1" frame into it.

The Boss...
11/05/2009 16:38

Yay me! *pats back*

Why? Cuz Spencer's driving?
Frankie told me he's very upset that he has to drive through the Shire, and may or may not be planning to instigate a dance off, in the car, while Spencer's driving, with him, to see if he really has to wait to drive. That would be a good reason not to drive home with them...

11/06/2009 20:42

*crawls way through mountains of homework* *cough, cough*

I'm here!!! *sinks under* Noooo!!!

11/07/2009 11:06

HOLD ON MONICA!!!! *Throws out a long rope for Monica to grab on to*


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