Yes, good people, we got a new thread. Actually, we finished it off Wednesday, so we didn't quite make it to Friday. Oh well. The party's tomorrow! Woohoo!

News: Sab and Frankie are alive and well! Sab came on just to tell us that, and hang out for a little while.  On April Fool's Day, much chaos (not you, Chaos) and strife occured, as Rosa turned the entire first floor into Jello (people attempted to eat the furniture), including Gio's kitchen. He had to go grill hamburgers outside, oh the horrorr! Cosimo returned with Jamie-Drake, and Nic an Aaron visited, stirrup up too much drama, as usual. Oh, and the Lexicon was taken over by Kaleb the Twi-Guy (he's a Twi-blogger, the Lex Admin love him). Gio's been pulling sneak shennanigans. Certain people have issues with eating way too much sugar. Hehe, poor people with weak metabolisms.... And apparently "weird is normal here" *rolls eyes* Well duh. Oh, and torture- not cool. Things like Sharpieing people's faces and dying their hair whacky colors is okay, but maiming people, no matter how much we hate them, and they have not specifically tried to hurt us, is wrong. It makes some people rather uncomfortable, so please stop. Go back to the crazy hair thing. Its not so... painful.

Today has been rather uneventful, but the final plannig for the party (Which is TOMORROW!) needs to happen. So pip-pip, people! Lets get to it!

4/3/2009 03:50:12 am

I'm confused- Is the party thread up yet?

4/3/2009 05:45:41 am

Yeah, I'm confused too, wheres the party thread?


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