The Party Thread has been found! Thanks be to Nena!!!

The party is going full steam ahead, already with lots of sugar high people. Lidia and Frankie are debating on starting a pie war, if Maria ever comes back. She'd get it. They might do one anyways. Frankie also wonders where all the colored whipped cream went, that might be fun. People are also having fun pelting Hanna Montanna with carrots, and Kylan is adorable. Soon, howver, EDC Inc decided to pull out the infamous red jello, and began bombarding the Mafia members with it. Then we began throwing pies at them, and that began The Epic Battle of Spring '09- Mafia Pies vs. Everyones Jello. Apparently EDC won, but that's just because Lidia was forced to go watch Bolt. Oh well, it was very fun, apparently "That Mafia Party was perhaps the funnest party I've been to in a LOOOONG time" (-Carrie). We should all be very proud of ourselves. Good job, people!

Oh, and Lidia would like to thank you all for the birthday wishes. They're very much appreciated. :D

4/4/2009 03:42:40 am

Happy Birthday Lidia! :)

(showers Lidia with crepes)

The Boss...
4/4/2009 06:18:25 am

Aw, thanks Gio! :D
*pokes Weebly* Why do you never work?

4/4/2009 04:15:15 pm

Whoo, best party ever!
And it is FUN to throw Jell-o at people from the top of a crane.

The Boss....
4/4/2009 04:47:37 pm

I hate you Weebly!
It won't show all of the blog. Can everyone else see all of it?

4/4/2009 05:10:16 pm

How much is all of it? Cause it looks a bit incomplete.

The Boss...
4/5/2009 05:18:50 am

Well, now I can see all of it...
it should end with "very much appreciated"

4/5/2009 06:18:32 am

"If Maria would come she'd get it"
to remind you, Lid, you were the one who started it... so ha! :P *giggles*


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