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News: In the aftermath of the party, no one really felt like doing anything at all. Cosimo confessed he had a bit of a crush on Chaos, but, being Chaos, it make take a while... Longer than Queenie, most likely. Speaking of Queenie, one of Gio's very old friend's has joined the Mafia. Her name is Roxy, and she and Gio have a bit of a... history together. Not that its Gio's fault, Roxy can be very charming. *coughs* Her arrival caused a bit of an awkward moment between Gio and Queenie, but they managed to get around that. Lidia thinks Queenie might actually be figuring out this "love thing" woo hoo. Simultaneously, Sabina reappeared. She's all better not, and back to our Frankie. LA Frankie had some other commitments to keep, and his hiding it wasn't a good thing for her. Needless to say, we doubt he shall be appearing on the Mafia anymore. Subject closed. Of course, this means our Donut Boy is back and happy again. LOn a happier subject, Kylan and Jamie-Drake are becoming fast BFF's, and Kylan has discovered his power. He copies powers he sees (aka: the superpower for the power hungry), and its fairly entertaining. He and Jamie played freeze tag, literally. And a rescue attempt for Scarlett is going on, as well (but we kinda need her for it, so it'll be a little while...)

4/7/2009 09:37:29 am

And at last, Gio's sneaking shenanigans are explained! Silly Gio, thinking he can hide something from a thief. I mean, really. Tsk tsk.

4/9/2009 01:49:17 pm

Lily is so cute! this is the most interesting thing that has happend to me in quite a while.

4/10/2009 02:31:30 am

Yeah Jamie and Kylan are like Bff's and Chaos and me are at an ackward stage.

4/10/2009 10:40:40 am

Ab: We have something in common!!! :D

4/10/2009 03:56:02 pm

Just wondering- When are the bios of all the new members going to be put up here?

4/10/2009 03:56:04 pm

Aww... guess Kylan takes after his Auntie Ronnie!

The Boss...
4/11/2009 03:35:54 am

I'm sorry. I really haven't been paying attention lately.
Time for a new blog and a site update.


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