Hehe, its still slow, but time for a new blog.
Queenie's back! We held a small party for her in celebration of her mostly restored memory, which ended up in a small pillow fight, the girls vs. Gio. Maria ordered a bunch of Swiss blood filled eclaires as a welcome home present, and Gio made the traditional buffet of breakfasty goodness. Al decided Axe smelled good and sprayed himself liberally with it, hoping to impress *hinthintwinkwink*. We all need to remember, now that she's back, not to hug Queenie if you like your power, although it is a bit hard when she doesn't remember it herself. We'll be doing some extra bubbly things soon to help get her memory back.
And that's it, I think...

08/12/2009 13:54

Does Al even *know*?

08/12/2009 18:39

Okay, Al does *not* know.

08/19/2009 05:13

What do I not know?
Oh...and how do I get a character profile?

The Boss...
08/19/2009 14:03

By being cool. I need to take some time and remodel the site. I might just destroy all the pages and rebuild them...


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