Queenie continues to fill in:

With so many series of events today, where to begin? Perhaps no news was as exciting as the brief return of beloved Mafia member, Rea. (who stated that she will be visiting until Sunday) You may have recalled her Vampenguin nearly being eaten by Queenie's death adder a few days earlier. Unfortunately, Rea could not stay too long and after a few posts was off for the day, casting a stormy gray cloud over all who highly anticipated catching up with her, but not before lending her flying ability to fellow vampire Queenie. The Familia then proceeded to throw an Emo party, mourning Rea's sudden departure.
Chaos and Monica, meanwhile, were dealing with problems of their own--wolf problems to be more specific, which left several of their beloved pack members injured from battle. Negotiations with the opposing pack are being made as we speak and we only hope that the Alphas come to a peace treaty.
On a happier note, Nic had announced earlier that Aaron proposed to her (right after finding out that we were vampires and werewolf, mind you) and she is now one of the first bachelorettes in the Familia. (I wonder who the bride maids will be )
Also, another male vampire has joined the Mafia. (What, is that 4 guy vamps in the house now?) He goes by the name of Giovanni Bonmarito and check this out, ladies. He's a painter! (who can also do telekenesis on the side) We wish the warmest welcomes to our new Familia member. Welcome to the family!

Now for some news on the Live-Action Frankie front (if you don't get it check out the blog post from 2/9), from me, Sabina!

I decided I needed a donut, so I tarted myself up and walked down the street to get one, and of course L.A.Frankie was there, turns out he thinks my loonyness if vair funny, he gave me a donut "on the house" and I shamelessly flirted with him, it was quite fun and I think I'm in LUUUURVE, then my mom had to go and ruin it by calling me to get my butt home because I didn't "technically" get "permission" to go out and get a dount, blah-blah, who cares?

For the full story full of hiliariousity check out pg 90 on thread 10.

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