Kicking off the day Gio, our new 6'2" Italian twi-guy, was walking around in nothing but a towel and paint smears. Nobody in da familia minded. Chaos and Arina  were bouncing off the walls from a Nerd induced sugar high. And Crispian has emerged from his emo hole (aka under his desk) and joined da familia.Many familia members were turned into adorable bunnies, thankfully we were turned back shortly after. Frankie and myself made up (finally) and Queenie is having power troubles, which I shall try to explain more in a later post.


P.S. For my debute on the TV-EEEE, click

The Boss...
2/24/2009 09:54:25 am

You forgot to mention that you and Frankie are a pair of happy little people again.
Seriously. No more dark chocolate and Coke for him. Caffine is bad for overly hormonal people.

Rea DiMarco
2/25/2009 07:48:52 am

Can someone remind Cosmo to write in comprehensible english please cos its giving me a headache to read his posts . Get the grammar doomstick off Ronnie or something please!!
Oh and Nic don't worry yourself i will be there on Friday all smiley and eager to do my duty as Maid of honour :D

2/25/2009 12:36:35 pm

You better be, Rea! And the grammar stick is available for use by anyone who gets annoyed by incomprehensible posts...

Any news for the 25th coming soon? I'm too lazy to read all the pages I missed.

2/25/2009 01:00:09 pm

Thank you ladies! (bows graciously)

And people are more than welcome to check in on Giovanni in his studio. :)


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