Queenie again (from Sunday):

Today kicked off with some more planning for Nic and Aaron's wedding to come. (Which I apologize for not being able to post all the pretty dresses suggested ) The wedding is said to be in the works for this Saturday but we'll see how it goes as the week and planning progresses.
And what would a wedding be without the bachelorette/bachelor party? With plenty of drinks and strippers, Nic's bachelorette party was certainly interesting. (Not to mention the little prank some of the girls decided to pull on the guys) The prank consisted of Queenie, Aly, Rosa and Lidia who worked out a scenario where Aly attempted to steal Lidia's frosting which resulted in a rumble where Aly shed some blood...but don't worry, it was all food coloring! Of course the boys didn't know that and were shocked when they saw a blood crazed Queenie attack both Aly and Rosa (who's arm went missing!)
Apparently Aaron's proposal seemed to inspire fellow gentlemen, Blake and Neo, mates of Rosa and Chaos as the couples discussed their future marriages. (When I say discuss, I mean Blake-proposing-to-Rosa-in-a-beautiful-landscape kind of discussion ) so congratulations to the both of you! Chaos, you seem to be safe from receiving a ring..at least for now as beau Neo puts it

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