It seems that Valentine ’s Day is just a tad bit late as members of the Familia seem to have been bitten by the Love bug. What with Aly and her hybrid Josh, Nic and her human Aaron, Maria with also human Nixon and even Gabby and her blind date Rhys! Puppy love seems to be all over the mansion. (Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you older couples, *cough*Frankie and Sab*cough*) After an unsuccessful first date with Aaron’s twin brother, it seems that there is a more apparent reason to why Queenie isn’t all too keen about dating just yet. Word on the street is that she may have a little something for one of the Familia, but that’s all we’re going to touch on.
In other news, Queenie managed to “find” a shiny lamp in Sri Lanka while visiting that just so happened to contain a Djini named Loudes! This occurring around the same time, Sab and Frankie’s pants mysteriously went missing. The Familia used their first wish to find the missing articles of clothing and the culprit behind it, which happened to be a chinchilla by the name of Fluffy. (Who was in fact an imposter as he claimed to be an evil French Werechinchilla!)
On the flip side, Chaos has finally convinced her long time friend, Crispian to join the mafia and we are awaiting his arrival. (So be on the lookout for an orange cat, lot!) Not to mention the fact that Aly’s beau, Josh has decided to give his vampiric side a chance and went hunting earlier this afternoon. (I suppose living in a mansion full of vampires does do those things to you…) As far as pet companions go, rumor has it that Ari (Rosa’s dragon) might actually be Yan’s (Ab’s dragon) sister! Talk about a chain of events. We end this Mafia recap by wishing our dearest friend Alice a Happy Birthday. So this is for you, dear Alice.  Have a good one!

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