Once again Queenie is filling in a blog writer today. Sorry about slacking off on ze blog lately everyone, my dad's been using our computer to do peoples taxes (he a CPA) and I've had to litterally beg my sister to use hers, now enough of my rambling, on with ze recap:

This morning kicked off with another addition to the mafia by Cosimo, one of the few male vampires to have ever joined the familia. Of course, Queenie felt the need to figure out his power for herself which resulted in her disappearance (literally) due to the fact that Cosimo has the ability to turn invisible. After a bit of sniffing from werewolf, Clara, she was found and gave her power back to him. Things continued to heat up between Aly and her new imprinted beau, Josh, as the girls (Aly, Sheila, Nic , Ronnie, Chaos) along with Neo headed to the carnival to meet him. Things were going great until the familia accidentally bumped into Edward Cullen, causing Nic to choose between her feelings for Edward and what was best for her. Because of weather complications that would have led Clara to smell like a wet dog, she invited Josh over to the mafia mansion, marking the first invitation in history without the human having to be unconscious. However, Ronnie, Sheila and Queenie decided to go back to the carnival to bug the crap out of Edward and give him a piece of their mind for hurting Nic.
After a hearty dinner from the amazing cook, Neo, Josh felt a little drowsy and the girls encouraged Aly to invite him to spend the night. (Of course this was ruined when Queenie panicked and cast a spell on him that made him fall asleep anyway) In the end, Josh did end up spending the night for a movie but was probably watching Aly more than the screen with the outfit that Sheila had provided for her. The infamous Ab returned, taking Chaos and Queenie with him shortly after his appearance to go hunt with Yan and their various other pets in a nearby forest. Now, the girls are considering going on another manhunt, although it is suggested that they wait to see how the “boss” feels about this, as they already have 3 humans in the mafia already.

And finally, beware of Sab’s doomstick if you don’t post 2 full length statements in the thread, you will get hit and it will hurt. *rubs head*

Rea DiMarco
2/18/2009 07:05:47 am

geez people!! i just read through 45 pages of mafia crazyness!! argh my eyes ache so much !!
Thank gawd the doom stick has been taken out again cos it was looking like the whole thread was gonna disappear in a blur of one-liners at one point . even so you people crack me up! Tell that Cosmo guy to keep out of the room on the 3rd floor with the purple door cos it's mine!! now i must go get eye replacements...


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