One of Chaos’ vampwolves has given birth, again, so there are 9 puppies up for grabs. George, Rea’s vampenguin, dropped by for a visit, and Queenie’s snake tried to eat him. Vurk’s back (oh joy) and he brought an exceptionally stupid robot back with him (see pg.79), in his absence he took over Baja California in Mexico, it’s now Baja Vurktodia. It would also appear that we weren’t torturing the real Haley, she was a clone; the real one has been eaten by Jimmy. Chaos, Ronnie, Queenie & myself are off shopping with Alice at some couture place in Seattle, and Chaos stole a piano for some reason, along with a touch screen tv and somebody stole Nick Jonas (you're all in big trouble for that). Monica reappeared after being gone for 7 threads. Nick Jonas is safe, and will be returned to Hollywoodland soon, I'll make sure of it. Aly has a date tonight with some guy she met at the dog park & Maria, Chaos, Aly, Queenie, Ronnie, Alesio & myself were off manhunting for Maria. When we first got there we though we had spotted a target in a car, so I had him hit me with it, somehow he ended up getting injured (I wonder why...) and then in the Yogen-Place we found a cute human named Nixon, so to distract the humans while Chaos knocked him out, Ronnie started shouting about pixies, and I did an improptue pole dance on the counter, which resulted in an old perv grabbing my butt and me tackling and beating the crap outta him. Now everyone is safely back at the retreat (did I mention we finished the 9th thread? Well we did.) waiting for the smoothie boy to awaken.



Well, Queenie has seen fit to give a more indepth update due to my being elsewhere, so in her own words, Queenie everyone:

This February 15th, the familia woke up from the intoxicating night before, only to find Queenie's pet snake, Nagini attempting to eat poor George, the vampenguin. After several attempts to pry Nagini off, Ronnie was finally able to split the two apart. The girls decided to finished their unfinished shopping business with Alice, which led up to a crazy car chase as Ronnie and Queenie tried to escape a suspicious cop, with Ronnie at the wheel. Chaos joined a bit later on, keeping a watchful eye on Queenie as they stole a piano for Queenie, a new touch screen for Sheila and...Nick Jonas? This all happening as Sab decided to head off to the shoe department. In Queenie's excitement to get home, Nick accidently had his arm cut, sending her into a newborn frenzy when she tried to help him, only to inhale the scent of his blood instead. It took 3 other vampires and a werewolf to calm her down before the others were finally able to get the Jonas to safety and take off to the dog park to hunt for men, and not in the feeding sense, believe it or not!  Not to mention the return of an old mafia member, Monica, as she makes her first appearance in quite a long time. Bringing along her fellow robot friend. At the dog park, it seemed that Aly had found her true love, or in her case, perfect imprintment when she claimed to have imprinted on Josh who coincidentally looks a hell of a lot like Jacob Black...we wish the two the best of luck on their date tonight. In conclusion, the mafia will probably have to relocate to Cananada once more as the thread reaches its maximum 100. PS. We're still amazed at how Chaos has a roommate.

2/15/2009 01:54:22 pm

I'm gone for 2 day. 2 DAYS! And you guys go through at least 50 pages and start a new thread! Ugh.... I'll read those later they sound interesting.

Nic, Chaos, and Aly apparently couldn't wait for the official first post. *rolls eyes*

BTW. To anyone who reads this, I might be gone from Da House this week, so if you guys need any of my Potions, Spells, or If someone want to join the Familia, someone Please notify me by PM, I'd really appreciate it. Later Familia! :)

The Boss...
2/15/2009 01:54:57 pm


Rea DiMarco
2/15/2009 06:33:06 pm

typical i knew you would have finished the thread last night i wonder how much of the new one i have to catch up on...

The Boss...
2/16/2009 04:22:15 am

Ugh. So much too read...... *smacks forehead*


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