Well, Chaos apparently knows where to get zombie armies, as she informed LA Frankie very early Sunday morning, her science teacher gives her a discount. We should be very afraid. Rin made breakfast , which nobody ate, since Gio doesn't on weekends. Queenie was acting unusual, her eyes a flat, jet black instead of there normal shiny, bright red. Gio and I sent her off to hunt. Cos brought home baby Jamie-Drake, who ages 1year for every month, and can make ice. I was not allowed near him, nor was LA Frankie, apparently we are "bad influences," especially seeing as how he felt the need to tell everyone that I was cussing at the sewing machine; I shall have my revenge on him yet. Chaos shocked everyone when she said how she wanted to adopt again when Jamie-Drake is older, if you recall she's not exactly the "maternal" type.  Chase was around for a bit, providing very funny human insight into the goings on, I'm glad he's actually awake more now. We also have another noob, Natalia Gravano (aka futurevampire), Frankie's excited about that because now he is no longer the noob. The baby being half-human is making Queenie a bit uncomfortable, she was wearing a nose plug last time she was near him, but she is going to have a week to figure out what to do about that since Cos and Jamie are going to California for a week. Oh, Cos told Chaos she's pretty, I'm surprised she didn't hit him or something, instead she just got embarassed. Rosa is worried because she hasn't heard from her mate, Blake for a while. Roy of the Irish coven left, leaving Trevor and Scotty behind because Trevor has decided to stay for what appears o be permently and Scotty is undecied, he doesn't want to leave his twin but he also wants to stay with Roy.

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