Kicking things off to an uncomfortable start, Aly needed some girl things which she requested Queenie to get. Queenie had no idea what she was looking for so in a surprising move Gio offered to help her find them at the store. When they arrived home Queenie proceeded to dump them out on the floor, resulting in weirdness. Moving on: Gio missed cooking breakfats so now he is preparing a delicious steak dinner for da familia (extra rare, please!). Cos wants a baby with his newest gf (Kat, I believe...) and the famila so far seems receptive to the idea; just whatever happens, keep Frankie away from it, he would posion the child's mind. Elisa and myself are fighting over Felix (the name and the book character) we both want them for ourselves, so we did battle, I won. Later, after I had left some karaoke was sung, the familia is surprisingly good at it. And in the real world my so-called bff met Frankie and she insulted him, which resulted in me and her getting in a huge fight (whole story here)

More later,

3/18/2009 10:50:27 pm

Sadly the baby would not be with Katrina since she left during the night.
The babies name would most likely be Jamie-Drake Jole Tagliano.

3/19/2009 01:12:15 am

(hugs Sabina)

3/19/2009 07:50:22 am

*hugs Sab*

Aww, hun. Sorry she's a b****. It'll be okay though. Frankie still loves ya! (And your babble-sobbing on his shoulder wasn't bad at all. Probably made him feel all strong and manly, or something ;) )

3/19/2009 08:48:11 am

I spelt Joel wrong hahha sorry
Jamie-Drake Joel Tagliano


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