Sunday started out on a happy note with Cos' birthday (hope it was happy!). There's a newcomer, whose name is Teresa, her screenname is Renesme_Bella, that's about all I got on her. Gio made everyone breakfast, I suggest we name him Official Mafia Shirtless Breakfast Maker. Clara has the house wondering if she is preggers (God, I hope not *shudders*). Rita was singing and dancing to Jonas Brothers again, it's quite hilarious to see, really. There was another impromtue game of Starwars, then Nic left, she says for good but I am crossing my fingers that she misses us to much and returns after a vacation. And that's about it (I think) until I came crashing in from the 7th floor closet, stay even farther away from that then usual for the next few days, btw. And if I'm not around tommorrow, it's because my internet is down and I'll be waiting to get it fixed (I'm currently sitting in Dunkin Donuts using their Wi-Fi and LA Frankie's laptop, which I hijacked from him).


3/15/2009 02:46:43 pm

But... Cosmo's birthday was yesterday, not today. What is it with familia and pregnancy scares, lately?

3/15/2009 03:48:03 pm


/runs off to change his signature

3/15/2009 11:03:51 pm

Hhaha my bday was on saturday but at least it was mentioned hahah ohhh well
im 14! no matter what


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