Good job, Familia. We managed to breeze through about 50 pages of the thread, pushing into the 100s just a few hours ago.

A few recaps:
1) The return of our co-boss: Nina! (Edward's_stalker) she stopped by to visit the Mafia for the first time in months so welcome back, boss!
2) Knife Lana has also decided to stay after Sab and others convinced her (eh hem, having Sab sit on her also does the trick) But it was not long before Lana and Chaos bumped heads over their differences. (cats vs. Dogs and demons vs. Shadows)
3) We have a new member yet again, this time, a boy! Woohoo! Say hello to our new Familia member: Angelo! (Jigger)

Recently, it seems that we've taken up an interest in roleplaying in the mansion. (Go figure) Ranging from Star wars battles to having a game of Quidditch (which Ravenclaw and Slytherin were both tied up in, may I add!) Of course, Josh always ends up getting hurt somehow...(He was hit by one of my lasers when I was R2Queen2 and then got hit by a Bludger! Poor guy)

Currently, Queenie Ronnie and Rosa have finally ventured to Fire Island and have still not returned while the famila at home get in touch with their more homebodily sides and bake some cake. (Save some yellow cake for me!)

In real life news, Sab is getting a tattoo! Say what?


03/08/2009 21:41

Bah! I left out the bit where Hazel came to the mansion and tried to burn us all alive. We obliviated her memory, though and now she's learning (all over again) how to clean with Tutti.

03/08/2009 22:39

You might also want to add the part about scents and how I seem to have started something... (grins)

03/09/2009 09:39

A lot happened that day ... cool about Sab's tattoo.
And we hunted for a non-weirdo girlfriend for Cosimo.

The Boss...
03/09/2009 18:34

The Boss...
03/09/2009 18:35

(Gah, I keep on making blank posts!)
*sniffs Gio* Have I mentioned how good you smell? Oh, and...
Ravenclaw FTW!


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