Late last night Chaos and Clara were having a starwars battle of sorts, and they made me be R2sab2 (I wanted to be Chubacka, he's fluffy), and then later in the day it seemed the most of the famila was getting in on the action, so I was just straight up confused. I managed to find our old maid/butler, Tutti Jenkins, who was stuck in limbo in my 7th floor closet; he had apparently been trying to hide from Frankie who had beaten him violently with an umbrella for touching his prized Gibson Les Paul Goldtop guitar. Queenie put a bell around his neck so we don't lose him again. Lana tried to leave us for good, but fast action on behalf of da familia resulted in her agreeing to still be a mafia member, just not around as much as usual. She should drop in from time to time, and her creepy talking cat, Tristian, is still living with us. Nic and Aaron are back from their honeymoon. Nic brought Nixon back because she doesn't trust Demetri, then Lidia knocked out Nixon and shoved him in a closet for the time being . After getting bored of Star Wars they most of the house engaged in a game of POTC, which I actually understood! Somebody said something about kidnapping Aro, which somehow lead to me telling everyone how I gave Jasper buttless chaps as a joke before, which Emmett will not let him live down.



03/07/2009 23:45

Darth Chaos wants to know why the lex is being a spaz, its not working.

03/08/2009 03:30

*hugs lightsaber* Yay, Nic and Aaron are back!
I feel kind of sorry for Tutti Jenkins, he has to clean up the whole house and all the mess we make. (a lot?)

03/08/2009 08:11

Sorry i was in my room all yesterday!! looks like i missed out on some fun ahahh

The Boss...
03/08/2009 12:08

Well, that's Tutti's job. Its why we stuck him in Sab's ridiculously short maid costume in the first place.
Although its about as bad as Ryan Ross in that realllllllly short kimono.... *covers eyes*

Cosimo (DunnerheartsTwilight)
03/08/2009 13:12

yay i have anew girl! Katrina... Ashley had to go and film new moon and eclipse..
and we have a new member! Angelo!! hes cool haah

03/08/2009 14:36

that someone about kidnapping Aro, yeah that was me *raises hand sheepishly*

another one cosimo????

03/08/2009 16:07

yeah shes great hazel came to kill us and then ashley had to go film new moon.. soo i found Katrina a vampire who can control the weather and has a scholarship in fashion for a university! shes great and everbody loves her


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