Chezz is back after her long absence on the 6th thread, and she let everybody know by racing Lana down the driveway. Chaos' human awoke only to be knocked out again because he knows about the existance of vampires because he went to Forks to visit family, and while he was there he met Mike, who's a friend of his family. Mike was complaining about the Cullens beacause he "lost" Bella to Edward and Mike had seen Bella not long ago and noticed the change, so he told Chaos' human about it. It turns out her human's very imaginative and wanted to know more, but couldn't figure anything out so he was wandering around near La Push and overheard Sam and Jake arguing over wheather the Vampire treaty was still in effect and Jake was actually calling all the cullens by name and Chaos' human realized everything and he ended up he driving around,trying to decide what to do for a long time when his car broke down, while trying to find help and ran into the mafia house, where he was hit with a frying pan by Chaos , we are not sure what to do with him as of yet. The Jonas Brothers have been jumped back to LA, because we felt it was wrong to keep them out of their natural habitiat. Ronnie and myself got new cars, her's a BMW 3 Series that she acquired not so legally and mine a SSC Ultimate Aero TT (the world's fastest production car) which I actually had to pay for because they are so rare it would be supicious.

-A.L. Sabina


Jack Ab. Rizzo
01/30/2009 20:18

you kind of forgot to say that those jobros finally left! and it is way better without them


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