I know, I know. Its been 6 days since the last blog, I'm sorry. Not that we've done anything, but still. Just remind me. Frequently. And I'll do it.

News: For the past few days, the familia has been in Ireland, awaiting a new thread. Roy wasn't around much, they were busy with the castlesturant. Kylan and Jamie took to catching and "eating" leprechauns in the mean time. In other news, Saul, Scarlett's ex, is now dead. Good riddance, Lidia wasn't pleased with the situation. She still isn't. Vurktoid came back for a visit, and almost got blown up by Maria and Rosa. 343 Guilty Spark needs some teleportation lessons. Course, Vurk saved himself by using the Elder Swear, which Lidia is much better at saying (she can do it in Welsh. PWN!) Then Kylan started saying it, much to Chaos's dismay (not that she doesn't swear like a sailor...). Clara and Josh are back, and starting to plan their wedding. Nic wil be here until said event happens. lIidia has aqlso decided, that since everyone wants to blow stuff up, she's going to ship everyone out to the Asteroid Belt and blow stuff up there. that'd be okay to blow up asteroids. DO NOT BLOW UP STONEHENGE! its cool, and probably used as an ancient calender to signal Imperial starships. Bwahaha. Gio brought home stuff from Ireland, two sea serpents to be exact. Currently residing in two bubbles of water that hover around him, Gio's been pouring over the library to figure out what they are. And everyone's back at home, and hopefully not permenently insane from all the green.

4/20/2009 10:47:36 am

Vurk had it coming. that's all i gotta say.
oh, you didn't talk about Shane. yup. my missile launcher. :D

4/20/2009 07:23:58 pm

lol, The Stonehenge is ancient, it deserves to be blown up

Maria i gave you that launcher

4/21/2009 03:49:50 am

Hmm. By that reckoning, the earth needs to be blown up, too- it's truly ancient.

The Boss...
4/21/2009 09:08:21 am

The Stonehenge is cool. Leave it, and all of Britain alone.
*rolls eyes*
I'm seriously considering a trip to outer space. I can always get a Magic School Bus....

4/21/2009 11:42:51 am

I wasn't going to blow up Vurk. I've learned not to... *shudders at memory of the body switching*
I was only going to torture him... like maybe stabbing him repeatedly with vampire strong toothpicks... I got them a few years ago and I wanted to try them out..... They hurt....
*evil laugh*

4/22/2009 07:12:59 am

oma my lex count got deactivated cause i changed my email on it
pel has to reactivatye it but
dont forget me till then

4/23/2009 10:10:17 am

Vampire strong toothpicks? Niiice.

*shudders at memory of body switching* Yeah, Rosa...we learned our lesson.

Who's doing the blog now? Queenie or Lidia?

4/23/2009 10:22:40 am

remembering that Andy gave me that missile launcher (yay Andy!) makes me wanna go rescue her!!!
when are we gonna rescue her?
i wanna fight something!

The Boss...
4/23/2009 01:05:15 pm

Alesio: Me. (Me being Lidia, of course. Which is why I walways write "The Boss...")

4/24/2009 08:02:21 am

ohhhkay. and of course "The Boss..." = Lidia. I knew that. 'cause Nina never comes on ze blog. I guess she would have to be "The Other Boss...."


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