Ah, so many n00bs today... in addition to our new twi-guy, we have 2 more n00bs, Chaos Q Kirit and Garriella Rosa Delucci. Later on a game of Twister began, and quickly ended when I had a mad laughing fit because Rosa said, "I'm very flexible," and I shouted, "that's what she said!" But really, I had to, it was the perfect set-up. Then Ella, Ronnie, Alice and Gabby attempted a game of Clue via the Lex, it never got started because the owner of the board had to leave. Soon after, another game of Twister began between myself, Frankie, Ronnie, Ella and Chaos (I need your info, btw) with Lidia controlling the spinner; all was well until Frankie fell (on me, no less) and ripped his new pants, because he is the only one strange enough to play Twister in super-skinny jeans. That about wraps it up, more tommorrow.

-A.L. Sabina


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