Due to a lot of stuff going on right now, Queenie will be taking over as blog writer until Monday. Here's her take:

Miraculously, the Mafia thread has slowed down quite a bit since the enforcement of the Doom stick, which is good thing for the poor members who have been trying to catch up with what’s going on. Not a day after Cosimo’s arrival at the mansion, the Familia acquired yet another addition to their clan, this time a girl vampire by the name of Arina Moonshine. (Who’s powers slipped by the eyes of Queenie who mistaken her for being powerless when she did not feel anything as the two touched hands.) It was later revealed by Nic that Arina had the power to control the outcomes of the future. (So don’t mess with her unless you want to end up a homeless bum who lives in a box when you grow up!)
As far as agenda plans of each familia, Aly and Josh were M.I.A for the day as they spend it at the beach in San Diego. Nic went on another date with Aaron and Queenie found herself extremely giddy after injecting a little too much blood. (Which later resulted in her passing out on the fridge when she got drunk off of some Irish Rum that had mixed together with the blood she took in.) Chaos, mean while, was in the midst of convincing her long time friend, Crispian to come to stay at the mansion.
Around the same time when Nic decided to put Queenie on her first blind date with her beau, Aaron’s twin brother, Sab announced that she was going to be on the television! “I'm going to be on tv because a hairdresser where I live needed some people to model and answer some questions for a story being done on her and she asked me to do it out of the blue this morning. It'll be on Monday, but I think only in North Texas, and then they will put it on their website which I shall promptly show to all of you.” She proclaimed eagerly on the 53rd page of the Mafia X thread. So stay tune, Familia, and make sure to flick on CW come Monday.

Rea DiMarco
2/19/2009 07:20:33 am

wow im vair impressed at the tiny number of new pages since yesterday!! well el blogo es updato (my spanish is much worse than my french sorry) anyone who wants to have a look at it feel free it's not great reading but what the heck..
miss y'all lots like jelly tots!!

Alesio Tagliano
2/19/2009 12:31:02 pm

Hmm, not too much has happened since i've went MIA. bad school week this week (lots of homework and stress) and I should be back around Saturday or so, hopefully. Ronnie - don't let anybody eat Chase!!

[Yes, I'm too lazy to log into the lex, so I'm posting it here =P]

Veronica "Ronnie" Ricci
2/20/2009 09:05:57 am

I feel so stupid, this is the first time I noticed the comment button *headsmack*

Don't worry, Alesio. I'll protect the ice-cream-making hottie.

Veronica "Ronnie" Ricci
2/20/2009 09:08:17 am

*headsmack* This is the first time I noticed the comment option.

Don't worry Alesio, I'll protect the ice-cream-making hottie.


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